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Welcome to our Natural Pregnancy Forum! For those of your who want to get pregnant naturally and for those of you dedicated to a healthy pregnancy, you have come to the right place!

Getting pregnant can be a challenge. Once pregnant, your body undergoes many changes. For mothers that want to get pregnant naturally to mothers who are pregnant and are looking for natural solutions to their pregnancy issues, let’s talk – HERE!

We wanted to create a safe place where experienced moms and mothers-to-be could swap stories, share tips and support each other. We all are busy, here is a time effective place for us to discuss pregnancy and share pictures from our lives. Let’s build a fun community! The more the merrier…

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Are you pregnant now? Are you concerned about getting pregnant?

If you are pregnant, what is your primary concern about this pregnancy? What is your main discomfort? Do you have questions about what to eat? How to combat nausea?

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Experienced Natural Mamas

Your pregnancy experience and words of wisdom are invaluable to the group.

What was the number one thing you learned during your pregnancy(s) that made a difference? What is the one word of wisdom regarding pregnancy that you wish someone had told you?

Are you pregnant again and trying to remember what to do?  It happens to all of us thanks to those wonderful pregnancy hormones!  This is a great place to get back up to speed quickly!

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For experienced natural mamas, your natural pregnancy experience and words of wisdom are invaluable to the group.

For those of you trying to get pregnant, this is a great place to get tips for getting pregnant naturally! Tell us about your situation.

For Mothers-to-be, this is a great place to get your pregnancy questions answered.

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Pregnant Soon After Implant Removed? 
Hi, me and my partner have decided to try for a baby together. I was on the implant for 2 years and had it removed last week. I already have a …

Afraid to get pregnant 
Dear Friends, I’m 23 years old and just married. My husband would like to have a baby pretty soon, but I am unsure. The problem is I have no good …

Having Sex During Pregnancy 
Is having sex during pregnancy OK? Is there anything I need to worry about? I'd really appreciate if some of you could weigh in on whether it is safe …

How many children should I have? Is Double Trouble? 
I'm 42 years old and my only child will be two in July. A year ago, my husband and I decided that we would only have one child. Now, I'm starting to …

I can't stop vomiting, and it's got to the stage where I'm afraid to eat or drink anything because nothing stays down. Is this normal? 
If things are this bad, you should see your doctor without delay. While morning sickness is common and not usually harmful to you or your baby, severe …

Pregnancy Problem 
Pregnancy problem with a friend has made me afraid to get pregnant. These past few days have been very difficult. My boyfriend and I have been trying …

Pregnant overweight vegetarian Not rated yet
Hello all. I went to the doctor yesterday and had a blood pregnancy test done-positive!! However, the doc suggested losing weight would help if …

Craving Fast Food While Pregnant Not rated yet
Craving Fast Food While Pregnant I am a healthy natural mama. I have the worst morning sickness and the only thing that helps me is fast food! …

My Pregnancy Secret Not rated yet
Hello! I just stumbled upon this site and it seems great :) I can share my pregnancy secret. I am a mother of five from BC, Canada. I am due June 2016 …

My Natural Pregnancy Changed My Life | Have a Vision Not rated yet
First of all OMG I am so happy I found this site and this community. My pregnancy has been transformational on so many levels, and so incredibly JOYFUL …

Could I Be Pregnant? Not rated yet
Hi Natural-Parenting-Advice Community! My last period was on December 27th and it lasted for 5 days. I had unprotected sex with my husband somewhere …

Want Just the Essential Pregnancy Advice Please! Not rated yet
hi, I have just discovered that I am pregnant.Its very early days but now I realise all that I dont know about being pregnant. To be honest, I dont …

Am I Pregnant? Not rated yet
Question: Am I pregnant? I just had sex with no protecting and I fell funny and bloated we did it 4 weeks ago and I am 24. Answer to Am I Pregnant: …

Will I have another child? Not rated yet
I thought I had it all - I was happily married and we were going to try to have a child. I got pregnant seemingly right away and was ecstatic. I made the …

Trying to Get Pregnant Tips Not rated yet
I need some trying to get pregnant tips because I've run out of ideas. I'm hoping some of the women on this forum might have some advice for me! I got …

Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy Not rated yet
10 great tips to a healthy pregnancy. This is what you need to know at a minimum to have a healthy pregnancy. 1- Take folic acid- a pregnant woman …

Getting Pregnant Tips Not rated yet
Information on getting pregnant can be hard to find, and trying to conceive can be tricky business. I want to share with you some invaluable fertility …

How to be healthy during pregnancy Not rated yet
The best way I’ve found for how to be healthy during pregnancy is to eat right and make those nine months count! Being the carrier of a life in your …

Getting Pregnant Naturally Not rated yet
Dear Readers I would like to share my experience with my natural pregnancy and getting pregnant naturally. I am in my 37th week of pregnancy and my delivery …

In Love With My Bestfriend Not rated yet
I’m in love with my best friend! No this is not a story about natural parenting, but it is a story that I’m hopeful will lead to natural pregnancy and …

Tips for Getting Pregnant Naturally Not rated yet
Here are some tips for getting pregnant naturally. Getting pregnant is fun, but it can take some practice. Learn what you need to know to maximize your …

For a Healthy Pregnancy Not rated yet
For a Healthy Pregnancy, first of all be happy and thank god for gifting you with a baby in your womb. Its one of the most precious gift which a man can …

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Not rated yet
Tips for a healthy pregnancy See your practitioner before becoming pregnant. Start changing your food habits to include a healthy variety of foods. …

Experiencing Motherhood Not rated yet
I'm a mom of two beautiful angels..but this was not that easy few years back... I got married in the year 2004, I was not serious about the children …

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