For a Healthy Pregnancy

by Angela
(Washington State)

Be Happy While You Are Pregnant

Be Happy While You Are Pregnant

For a Healthy Pregnancy, first of all be happy and thank god for gifting you with a baby in your womb. Its one of the most precious gift which a man can never even think of in their life time.

Once you confirm you are pregnant, do not listen to all the negative stories people tell you. If childbirth were that bad, we wouldn't exist as a species.

Pregnancy is a very natural phenomenon which not only human beings go through but also all animals. If people tell you otherwise, ignore them. People love to exaggerate!

Enjoy each and every moment of your pregnancy. Be happy even while you vomit. Take care of yourself, and don’t expect anybody else to care for you. Think only about your baby who is growing as a part of you.

Watch what you eat for a healthy pregnancy
As far as your diet is concerned, eat only healthy, organic, natural foods. Be sure you drink enough milk, eat lots of sprouts, eat lots of protein rich food. Add almonds to your diet. Eat at least one egg a day for breakfast and drink at least 2 and a half liters of water - very important to avoid constipation and urinary infections which can occur during pregnancy. And don’t forget to eat fruits like apple, Pomegranate and orange.

Try to avoid tea and coffee. Say no to frozen food. And try not to have chocolates. Tinned food, curries which are too spicy, and pickles etc. should be avoided. When you have a tendency to eat junk, just think about the little one inside, that will definitely motivate you to improve your diet!

The most important thing which I wish to tell you for a healthy pregnancy is "Be happy all the time, even when you suffer the delivery pain"

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