Pregnancy Discomfort and Complications

Are you experiencing pregnancy discomfort and complications? Our Your Amazing Pregnancy Video Course will arm you with tips and techniques for keeping yourself comfortable while you make a healthy baby. 

Created by experienced moms, doulas and childbirth educators with a broad range of pregnancy experiences, learn simple strategies to be sure your pregnancy is amazing.

This video series is a lifesaver, especially for working women as we cover many tips for women who have high stress careers and are searching for ways to stay healthy and comfortable despite intense job pressures.  

Watch a Sample Lesson About How to Beat Fatigue and Feel Energized Today!

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Pregnancy Fatigue is No Fun!

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How many times do you plan to be pregnant?  Nine months may seem like a long time right now, especially if you aren’t feeling great, but in terms of your lifetime, it is just a blink of the eye. 

This is a very special time in your life. You have the unique privilege of making a new life.  Only you get to feel your baby’s very first movements, the hiccups, the flutters, the kicks.  These precious months allow you to have a special bond with your unborn child, one that begins long before your baby is born. 

Learn how to be your physical, mental and emotional BEST during this wonderful time. 

Avoid Needless Pregnancy Discomfort and Complications

Many women experience pregnancy discomfort and complications needlessly.  If you are currently experiencing complications or are very uncomfortable, learn how to feel better and get your pregnancy back on track.  

If your pregnancy has been wonderful, learn what to do to ensure it stays that way. 

Watch our Your Amazing Pregnancy Video Course to address your concerns and provide you confidence at every stage of your pregnancy.  

The course is organized by trimester so that you will know what to expect and can prevent permanent long term problems caused by pregnancy stretch marks, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.  

Your Amazing Pregnancy - First Trimester

The first trimester videos provide tips for avoiding pregnancy discomfort and complications so you feel amazing during your first trimester.  Specifically:

  • What to do when you don't feel great - dealing wtih morning sickness, anusea and other digestive issues
  • Important tips for preventing constipation
  • Why we swell when we are pregnant and important tips for what to do
  • How to prevent and treat Urinary Tract Infections - one of the most common pregnancy problems
  • How to get energized - fatigue is no fun!

Yup, all the fun stuff kicks in early.  Sign up for class now because it will help you stay ahead of trouble. Most of these tips will apply throughout your pregnancy, so we recommend you watch these videos, even if you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester. 

Your Amazing Pregnancy - Second Trimester

The second trimester class videos provide tips for avoiding pregnancy discomfort and complications so you feel amazing during your second trimester.  Watch these videos to learn about:

  • What your body is busing working on and how to support it to make a healthy baby
  • How to avoid back pain and what to do about backache
  • How to stop stretch marks in their tracks
  • How to make your legs feel great and avoid lifelong varicose veins
  • How to say "No" to leg cramps
  • How to prevent and deal with bleeding gums
  • Why everything is loosening up and how preparing for birth is causing pelvic pain and other changes
  • Why you may be having trouble breathing, how to deal with pregnancy congestion and snoring

Be sure to watch all of the videos since most build upon each other and most of these tips will apply throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

Learn How To Beat Pregnancy Fatigue and Feel Energized 

Watch this short video and start feeling energized today!

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Pregnancy Fatigue is No Fun!

Watch this Free Video and Get Energized!

Your Amazing Pregnancy - Third Trimester

The third trimester class videos provide tips for feeling amazing during your last trimester as well as key actions you can take to prepare for a smooth birth experience.

  • A peek into what your body is working on during your 3rd Trimester
  • Avoiding and dealing with Group B Strep - both the test and strep itself
  • How to sleep blissfully despite your burgeoning belly
  • Everyone's favorite topic - preventing and dealing with hemorrhoids
  • Is your labor starting?  Demystifying Braxton Hicks Contractions
  • Where did your brain go?  Reasons for and dealing with fuzzy thinking

This class covers a tremendous amount of important information in a very short period of time.  You need this information sooner rather than later, so go ahead and sign up today!  Click the button below to learn more.

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