Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth Advice eBook

Pregnancy and Childbirth Advice eBook

You asked, here it is... our Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth Advice eBook. All our best advice in .PDF format for you to read offline. At less than $10 you can't afford NOT to get it.

Are you pressed for time? We are! At the same time getting pregnant naturally and having healthy children are our top priority.

After spending hundreds of hours individually and thousands of hours collectively researching the topics we cover in this on this website, we realized how badly the odds are stacked against us for having truly healthy children following the current cultural "norms" in the United States. With one in three children sick with a lifelong problem (attention disorders, autism, neurological damage) or chronic condition (diabetes, asthma, autoimmune disease) we decided that the current cultural norms for conception, pregnancy and childbirth are not working.

We also found that taking a natural approach has lead us to being able to beat the odds. All of our time and effort researching this topic has paid off. But it shouldn't have been that hard. We want to make it easier for other working, time-pressed women to have healthy children. We created and our Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth Advice eBook to do just that.

Why and eBook? For many of you, it isn't convenient to go thru pages and pages of information online. You would prefer to print out information or download it to your iPad or Kindle so that it is easier for you to read at your "leisure" J.

As a result of your requests, we have compiled all of our best natural conception, healthy pregnancy and amazing birth tips into this ebook.

Ideally Natural Parenting starts with a Healthy Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth.

We start our Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth Advice eBook off with a section on how to get pregnant naturally and cover tips for understanding your cycle and what to do to increase your fertility.

Next we cover how to have a healthy pregnancy so that you avoid many of the pitfalls of pregnancy complications. This is vitally important since pregnancy complications, like diabetes, limit your childbirth options. Top topics we will cover are how to get pregnant naturally, what to eat while you are pregnant, how to exercise safely and how to gain the perfect amount of weight

Finally, we will cover childbirth preparation and the stages of labor and delivery in depth so that you have all the information you need to have the best possible childbirth experience, both for you and your baby. Top topics we will cover are how to choose a childbirth class, important topics to learn about, the natural childbirth process, how to choose the best possible birth location, newborn testing and procedures, the advantages of breastfeeding and how to leverage a birth plan as a powerful technique to decide both what kind of birth you want as well as to communicate your wishes to birthing attendants and personnel.

See below for a complete list of topics covered in this 130+ page ebook.

We are passionate about women having healthy pregnancies that lead to wonderful births. We hope that our passion and our breadth of experience comes thru as you read. We welcome the opportunity to hear your birth stories as well as answer your questions directly in our childbirth forums.

Here is to your healthy pregnancy and amazing birth!

The Team

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Topics Covered in our Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth Advice eBook

How to Get Pregnant Naturally and Why it is Important to Try

Understanding & Charting YOUR Cycle

  • Ovulation Testing
  • Monitoring your Waking Body Temperature
  • Monitoring Cervical Fluid
  • Monitoring Cervical Position
  • Putting it all together
  • Documenting your Results

What to Eat to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Acupuncture Increases Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Chinese Herbs for Getting Pregnant

Why You Need to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Our Favorite Stress Reducers

Our 7 Most Important Tips for Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Our top tip for getting pregnant while nursing

Having an Amazing Pregnancy – Even in your 40's

Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates – Vital Veggies, Soaked Grains and Vitamin C Rich Fruits & Berries
  • Healthy Fats
  • Red, Yellow and Orange Colored Fruits and Vegetables
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Supplements

Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plan

  • What to eat and how much
  • "Foods" to Avoid at All Costs

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

  • The Right Amount of Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercises

  • Cat Stretch
  • Squatting
  • Sit on the floor in Diamond or Cross Legged position
  • Kegels

Natural Childbirth

What Happens During Natural Birth?

What You Need to Give Birth Naturally

Why You Should Take a Childbirth Class

Childbirth Education Classes

  • Hospital Childbirth Classes
  • Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes
  • Bradley Childbirth Education Classes
  • Birthing From Within
  • Independent Childbirth Classes
  • Online or Self Paced, At Home Childbirth Classes

Deciding Where to Deliver

Giving Birth in a Hospital

  • Giving Birth in a Birthing Center
  • Giving Birth at Home

How Your Body Prepares Itself and Your Baby for Delivery

Pre Term Labor and How to Avoid It

  • The Difference Between Pre Term Labor and Braxton Hicks Contractions
  • Causes for Pre-Term Labor
  • How to Prevent Pre Term Labor
  • What To Do if you Suspect You Are in Pre Term Labor

Preparing for Natural Childbirth

All About Labor and Delivery

Stages of Labor – An Overview

  • Early Signs of Labor
  • First Stage
  • Second Stage
  • Third Stage

How far along are you?

Stages of Labor in Detail

  • First Stage - Early Labor
  • First Stage - Active Labor
  • First Stage - Transition
  • Second Stage – The Pushing Stage
  • Third Stage - Delivery of the Placenta

Newborn Tests and Procedures

Why you need to think about Newborn Tests and Procedures BEFORE Your Baby is Delivered 

  • Suctioning
  • Weighing and Measuring Length
  • Baby’s First Bath
  • Umbilical Cord Clamping and Cutting
  • Eye Ointment
  • PKU Testing – AKA Newborn Screening
  • Vitamin K
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • Circumcision

Hepititis B Vaccine at Birth – Digging Deeper

Vaccination - 5 Things to Consider Before Vaccinating Your Children

Advantages of Breastfeeding

  • Best nutrition for baby
  • Less Illness and Healthier Baby
  • Stay connected with your baby
  • Breastfeeding is easier than formula feeding
  • Breastfeeding is easier for working moms
  • How to Breastfeed

Sample Birth Plan

  • Environment
  • Prior to Labor
  • First-Stage Labor
  • Second-Stage Labor
  • Cesarean Section
  • Third-Stage Labor
  • Newborn Procedures

Documenting your Birth Experience

  • Therese's- Birth Story

Cycle Chart

  • Printable Cycle Chart For You To Fill Out

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