Bradley Childbirth Method

The Bradley Childbirth Method honors a woman’s ability to deliver naturally. Classes are designed to inspire couples to learn, grow and become knowledgeable about nature’s birth process. We recommend Bradley® Childbirth Method classes because over 86% of the 1 million plus couples trained in the Bradley® Childbirth Method have had spontaneous, unmedicated vaginal births.

Everything you need to know

Bradley Childbirth Method classes cover everything you need to know about staying healthy and low risk during your pregnancy in addition to teaching you essential skills you need to know to make your birth a wonderful experience.

In traditional societies, girls learned about childbirth by watching other women deliver. They did not fear childbirth like we do today because they had seen numerous births by the time they were old enough to have their own children.

Since watching other women giving birth birth is not typical in today’s society, it is important to find another way to learn what to expect during childbirth as well as how to avoid unnecessary pain. Bradley® Childbirth Method classes are outstanding in the depth of information they transmit to you in such a short time.

Bradley Childbirth Method Prepares Both Mother and Father-to-be

Typically a series of twelve 2-hour classes, the early classes cover what to eat while you are pregnant as well as critical exercises you should practice throughout your pregnancy. They also teach your husband or labor assistant how to support you during each stage of labor. What a relief it is to have an instructor teaching your husband what you need during your pregnancy and labor!

Best case scenario you have a husband/coach that supports you during your entire pregnancy and supports you throughout your entire labor. Worst case scenario you husband will be desensitized by the videos shown in class so that he can fully enjoy the birth of your child. Simply knowing what to expect makes a huge difference for men!

WAHM Masters Course

Even Arrington’s husband who can’t stand the *thought* of blood, much less the *sight* of it was able to fully enjoy the birth of his three daughters. He even grabbed his last two daughters as they exited her womb and placed them carefully on her chest. Incredible progress for the loving father whose initial goal was to avoid passing out in the corner.

By the middle of the twelve class series you are learning about each stage of labor including what it feels like emotionally and physically. You learn and practice positions for making your labor most effective as well as learn techniques for avoiding unnecessary pain. Best yet, you fully understand what your body is working to accomplish to deliver your baby.

For example, did you know that both your body and your baby have to work together? Did you know that your baby triggers labor when he or she is ready to be born? Did you know that the average natural gestation period is 41 and 1/7 weeks long, not 40 as we have all been told?

Many women that accept medical interventions don’t really think about how this negatively effects their baby and their body in the long run. They don’t understand that it is often the convenience to the doctor or hospital that drives interventions. Many are not in the best interests of your baby and often one intervention causes a need for the next.

bradley childbirth method

Two hours a week and you will be prepared

Bradley Childbirth Method classes continue for twelve weeks because, like attending a weekly exercise class, it prepares you for the rigorous event that labor is. Picture climbing a mountain. Wouldn’t you train for a few weeks before attempting it? Wouldn’t you do a little research to make sure you have the right shoes for comfort and food to provide you energy? Wouldn’t you do a few practice hikes so that you learned how to pace yourself? With Bradley Childbirth Method classes you learn techniques - like how to relax every muscle in your body completely - and then you practice them over a period of time so that you get good at it.

Labor is like climbing a mountain. No one part is overwhelming or particularly painful. It is an athletic event that you need to prepare for. Interventions, like injuries, tend to result in pain after you have delivered your baby. You don’t want to be dealing with back pain, headaches or the pain of major surgery while you are learning to care for your newborn. The pain of natural childbirth has a purpose. Labor prepares both your body and your baby for delivery. When you prepare for a natural birth and then allow your body to deliver naturally you are doing the best thing for yourself and your baby.

Lastly, Bradley Childbirth Method classes give you two hours a week together with your husband or birth assistant to constructively think about and discuss what is important to you. Classes cover how to create a birth plan as well as what your choices are. They cover unexpected situations so that if you do run into trouble along the way you know what your choices are, and what to ask, so that you have no regrets at the end of the day.

If you absolutely can't make time for a childbirth class

You should take a childbirth class together with your husband or labor companion if at all possible. If you cannot make time to attend a class in person, at least consider taking an online childbirth class. The benefits of learning how to give birth are numerous for both you and your baby. You can choose from 7 week, 12 week, or Self- Paced online childbirth classes here

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