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You may be wondering about Natural Parenting Advice. You may be thinking,Who ARE these crazy people?? :-)

Natural Parenting Advice was created by a group of mothers who are concerned about the number of children that currently live with chronic disease. We banded together to find a better way to raise our children in order to beat the statistics. Convinced by the data that following the “status quo” would result in one in three of our children having to live with chronic disease, we scrutinized pregnancy, childbirth, and all aspects of raising our children.

This site is no substitute for the responsibility every parent has to get solid medical advice and to make the very best decisions on behalf of their children. It is simply the information that a group of mothers has uncovered in our own efforts to raise healthy children. Please read our disclaimer for more about this.

We Practice What we Preach – and its WORKING!

One of the things you need to know about Natural Parenting Advice is, we share what is working for us. We are beating the odds!

We have 100% healthy children, free of all chronic diseases and adverse conditions including asthma, diabetes, allergies, cancer, learning disabilities, and autism.

In addition, our children rarely get sick. They typically experience one or two colds per year, which they recover from quickly without the use of any over-the-counter or prescription medications.

We Teach

Another thing you need to know about Natural Parenting Advice is that several of us are certified Bradley Birthing Instructors. We are not getting paid for recommending Bradley Birthing classes. We became Bradley Birthing instructors because The Bradley Method of natural childbirth worked for us. We recommend Bradley Birthing because it is proven to help women have natural childbirth. For more information on their statistics, visit The Bradley Method.

Many of us also teach at the kindergarten thru university levels on a variety of topics. We all value teaching and learning very highly.

We Work Full-Time

All of the contributors to Natural Parenting Advice work full-time in addition to raising our children.

The primary thing you need to know about Natural Parenting Advice is this site was created to help other working women raise healthy children.

We believe that natural parenting, the kind of successful parenting mothers have been doing for thousands of years, is the best. Chronic illness in children is a new thing. It didn’t exist twenty years ago - not at the levels that it does today. While natural parenting does take more time, it takes less time than parenting a chronically sick child.

The trouble for many working mothers is that we have been convinced that they “status quo” (bottle feeding, vaccinations, fast/processed food and daycare) is the only way to balance raising children and working. There is a perception that natural parenting is too time intensive. For that reason, our goal is to help other working mothers raise their children naturally by providing advice and sharing what we have done to balance raising our own healthy children while working full-time.

If we can do it, YOU can to!

Individually We have Spent Thousands of Hours Doing Research

We were all very careful about how we got pregnant, what we ate and what we did while we were pregnant. We all focused on delivering naturally. Although we not all able to do so, our babies received the minimum medication and experienced the minimum number of interventions.

We are very concerned about how our children are raised, how they are educated and what they eat.

From a nutritional perspective we all have breastfed our children for the first year or two of life. Our families only consume natural foods from natural sources, unpolluted by chemical fertilizers and contaminated water. From a nutritional perspective, we are heavily influenced by the work of Weston A Price because following a traditional food diet has worked for us and our families.

We are - all in varying degrees - proponents of attachment parenting. We maintain a close relationship with our children and prefer having a nanny over daycare. We choose stable loving care in the form of a “3rd parent” over socialization because we believe love is what our children really need -especially in their early years.

We are very concerned about our children’s medical care. We choose holistic pediatricians, we rarely use medication and most of us don’t vaccinate our children.

Optimal Learning and Education

Another thing about Natural Parenting Advice, we are very concerned that our children develop a lifelong love of learning. Children are born with tremendous curiosity and we want to preserve that. Most of our children have been assessed as “gifted” or “extremely gifted”. We are happy to report that we are beating the odds in this area as well.

We aren’t really surprised by this because:

  • Consuming a healthy diet is important for optimal brain development
  • By refusing vaccinations we protect our children’s brain (from encephalitis) and prevent learning disabilities
  • Breastfeeding is known to raise a child’s IQ between 5-10 points

To help our children explore their world and satisfy their curiosity, we seek educational situations that are no more than a 1:6 teacher to child ratio and learning opportunities that are rich with movement, multisensory, project based and diverse. This means we choose private schooling, charter schooling and home schooling. We prefer to call home schooling “community based schooling” because while we value our home base, we spend a lot of time out in the community at events, activities, sports, parks and the like.

You may be thinking “how can a family home school when both parents work?” We are here to tell you that not only is it possible, it is very rewarding for the entire family. Here you will find an eclectic blend of educational philosophies with a few things in common. An emphasis on developing creativity as well as many families that have no TV. It means reading together and storytelling. It means lots of singing, dancing, musical and artistic expression while we explore the world.

Personal Privacy

Because we are all professionals with full-time careers - representing our own personal beliefs here - we value our own privacy as well as that of our family. The intention of this site is to provide a forum to share natural parenting tips, not personal contact information. Lets respect each other in this so that Natural Parenting Advice remains a safe place to share what is working.

Join Our Community

We hope you enjoy Natural Parenting Advice and that you become part of our community. The goal of this site is to bring more like-minded parents together for support and to share information - making it easier for us all to raise happy, healthy children. Visit our Natural Parenting Forum to read stories and ask questions of the community.

We are dedicated to keeping this site positive. We don’t all have to share exactly the same beliefs for this to be valuable to all of us. We don’t see any point being frustrated about “what is”. We prefer to focus on “what can be” and “what we can do.” While we believe that everyone has a right to their opinions, there is to be no slamming of one another on this site. This is about building a community and sharing helpful information, not tearing each other apart. Our forums and blog will be moderated to prevent this. If you aren’t like minded, there are a lot of other places you can spend your time.

The products that we recommend on this site are only those which we have personally used and found valuable. We look forward to “meeting” you and hope you share your own natural parenting stories with us.

If you have any questions about Natural Parenting Advice, Contact Us.

In good health,

The Natural Parenting Advice Team

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