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Welcome to our Natural Birth Forum! For those of you wanting to have a natural childbirth and for all our experienced natural mamas, you have come to the right place!


Why a Natural Birth Forum?

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Having a natural childbirth can be big challenge in many countries. Neither hospital procedures, insurance reimbursement methods, nor obstetrician training are conducive to natural birth. Let’s talk about how to have the birth of your dreams. Let’s talk about our choices.

We would love to have experienced natural mama’s from countries all over the world share what worked for them. This is a great place for pregnant mamas-to-be to ask those burning questions you want answered!

We want to create a safe place where natural moms and mothers-to-be can swap stories, share tips and support each other. We all are busy, here is a time-effective place for us to discuss birth and share pictures from our lives. Let’s build a fun, supportive community of women interested in natural birth! The more the merrier…

Experienced natural mamas - tell us your natural childbirth story. Each month we will feature one story on our home page, so tell us yours today!

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For Experienced Natural Mamas, your birth experience and words of wisdom are invaluable to the group. What was the number one thing you learned during your birth(s) that made a difference? What is the one word of wisdom regarding birth that you wish someone had told you? We know you have at least 5 great tips in your head.

For Mothers-To-Be that are interested in natural childbirth, this is a great place to get your questions answered. Are you pregnant now? What is your biggest fear about birth? Have you heard stories from women that have experienced natural childbirth? What do you want to know? Look thru the stories below and ask for advice from experienced mamas.

As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, so include a picture or a video! Nothing is more confidence building for a mother-to-be than to see someone else giving birth naturally!

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All submissions will be reviewed and approved to ensure that our forum remains a safe place for everyone to share and get answers. 

No personal attacks are allowed and a wide range of natural childbirth opinions is supported - from hospital births to unassisted childbirth in the woods.

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Share Your Childbirth Tip/Story or Ask Your Question!

Experienced Mama's - Tell us your birth story - OR - share the one thing you wish you had known before delivering your baby!

Mothers-To-Be - Tell us your biggest childbirth fear - OR - ask that burning question you have been afraid to voice.

What Others Have Said

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Treating Anal Fissures 
Problem: How do I treat anal fissures? I think there's something odd going on with my 21 mo son. This is what's happening: He poops, it looks …

Make God Laugh 
I delivered my first and only child naturally. This was not by choice. I had my entire labor and delivery all mapped out. Arrive at the hospital for my …

Communication During Labor Not rated yet
Hi everyone, I will be a first-time Mom and really want a natural birth. I have a concern regarding communication during labor I've been asking …

Need tips for a film about natural birth Not rated yet
Dearest mums and mums to be! My name is Zhenya and I am new to this website and forum, but I am hoping to stick around. I have kids, both delivered …

Am I Wrong to Want Another Cesarean Section? Not rated yet
I need some advice. I cant see any reason not to have a second C-section. My first preg was planned c-section due to breech position. Now people …

Going it Alone and Want Natural Childbirth Not rated yet
Hello, Sorry this so long. I have an interesting situation and I am looking for ideas and information ...commiseration…not so much. Information …

Recommended Midwives Not rated yet
Recommended Midwives Here are some midwives that have been recommended by our readers. Texas Chris Duffy is a wonderful midwife working …

Giving Birth Naturally Not rated yet
I fondly remember hearing the stories of my grandmother as she spoke about having children in the early 1900’s and the dangers of miscarriages. She …

Amazing Birth Not rated yet
The Flying Intern Way back in 1998 I was pregnant with my third, and last, child. I was ten days overdue and very ready for my pregnancy to be over. …

Pregnant and Alone Not rated yet
I am going to tell you the true story which happened during birth of my first child. So let me start my story from starting of pregnancy. I was not …

Natural Home Birth Not rated yet
My first daughter was born in a hospital. Even though delivery time was relatively short, the whole experience was unpleasant from start to finish. …

What to Take to Hospital for Labour Not rated yet
My husband and I have been married for 10 years and never thought that we would have children. However, it happened and the pregnancy was easy overall. …

Cesarean Birth Not rated yet
I went for an all-day appointment. I was suppose to go stress test, ultrasound, and then to see the doctor. They told me this was going to be an all-day …

18 Years Old, and Not a Clue What Labor Would Entail!  Not rated yet
I was 18 years old when I had my first child and had just graduated High School not more than a week before. My daughter was born 5 pounds and 11 ounces …

The Missing Epidural Not rated yet
When I was pregnant with my first child, I was planning on having an epidural. I won't lie, natural child birth seemed scary and cruel. Why not take …

Keep Calm Not rated yet
When I had my first child, I planned on getting an epidural but the baby came so quick that there was no time. At 4 am, my husband left for work and I …

Giving Birth Quickly Not rated yet
I was expecting my third child a daughter and was a week away from my due date. I took my 2 older children to school that morning as normal and had a …

Natural Childbirth Twins Not rated yet
My story starts when my hubby came back from his 3 year stint at a Software Company in USA. We bought a new apartment in Mumbai city, a brand new car and …

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