Am I Wrong to Want Another Cesarean Section?

by Aiko

I need some advice. I cant see any reason not to have a second C-section.

My first preg was planned c-section due to breech position. Now people ask me if i want to go VBAC next time. No i dont want for many reasons.

Am i wrong?

What is so good about natural birth?

Natural things dont always mean "good things". Death, diseases and miscarriages are also natural things. Natural selection. ever heard? Nature is pretty cruel sometimes. Everyday, 10-29% of birthes end up in emergency c-section. emergency c-section is performed when babys heartbeat becomes weak, and it is c-section that saves million peoples live every day.

If it not for c-section, up to 29% of all birthes could end up in death every day. and natural birth death rate would become as high as it supposed to be- look at previous centuries. very high. Natural selection. Childbirth cant be painless or peaceful. Ancien book The Bible says in the very beggining, that Childbirth will be a torture for every woman as a panishmen for Eve's eating forbidden fruit.

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