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Answers To Your Top Questions About Pregnancy

Get answers to your top questions about pregnancy here. From inconclusive pregnancy test results to pregnancy signs and why you may be experiencing joint pain during pregnancy, we will help you with information and resources to understand what is happening with your body so you can take action. 

If this is your first pregnancy, you likely have hundreds of pregnancy questions and may feel completely overwhelmed or anxious.

If you are an experienced mom, you may have forgotten what you learned the first time around (hormones do that), you may be experiencing new discomforts or you may simply want reassurance.

Some of you are having trouble getting pregnant and would like some advice to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Our goal is to help everyone have an amazing pregnancy and make a healthy baby.

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for here please share your questions about pregnancy and look for answers in our pregnancy forum. If you have very personal questions you don’t feel comfortable asking in a group setting or if your are feeling especially overwhelmed and have a large number of questions you want advice about sign up for a natural pregnancy mentoring session.

Yes! Help is available to answer your most personal questions and to help you make a healthy baby. Learn more about how a natural pregnancy mentor can save you time, provide you reassurance and help you have an amazing pregnancy.

The top questions about pregnancy we receive fall into six major categories:

  1. I Just Took A Pregnancy Text, But I’m Not Sure if I’m Pregnant or Not!
  2. How Do I Get Pregnant Quickly?
  3. Do these symptoms / signs mean I am pregnant?
  4. I’m pregnant and uncomfortable. What should I do?
  5. How can I enjoy my pregnancy more?
  6. How can I be assured I am doing everything I can to make a healthy baby?

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I Just Took  A Pregnancy Test and I’m Not Sure if I’m Pregnant or Not!

Of all the questions about pregnancy, this one comes up the most.  Mainly because there are a large number of reasons that women may get questionable pregnancy test results when they conduct home pregnancy tests.  

While pregnancy self test strips are known to be around 97% accurate, the way in which the test is conducted can change your results.  For example, early in pregnancy the amount of water you drink, the sensitivity of the pregnancy test and when you test can all give you a false negative or false positive results.  This is because the amount of pregnancy hormone that is being tested (hCG) is still relatively low.  

Home pregnancy tests work by checking for the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the so-called "pregnancy hormone", in your urine. Water will dilute the amount of HCG in your urine.  

If you drink a lot of water before taking the test, you may get a negative result or inconclusive result.  You are also more likely to get incorrect results if you hold the test strip under a stream of urine or leave the test strip in the collection cup for too long or too short a period of time.  

Read about all of the other circumstances where home pregnancy testing might product false positive or false negative results.

How Do I Get Pregnant Quickly?

This is the second most popular area where women have questions about pregnancy. Whether you want to know the fastest way to get pregnant, are planning to get pregnant and want to prepare, or are concerned about getting pregnant due to personal health issues we have answers.

The fastest way to get pregnant is to perform ovulation testing so that you know exactly when you are most fertile. It is essential that you have intercourse at the right time to increase your chances.

You should also know that having intercourse more than once every other day may actually prevent you from getting pregnant because it takes approximately two days for sperm stores to replenish themselves fully, meaning that there will be less sperm to get you pregnant if you have sex too often.

More information about getting pregnant quickly:

Read our Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth eBook for complete details about getting pregnant quickly while avoiding hormonal treatments and other expensive interventions which may cause you serious health issues later in life.

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Do these signs mean I am pregnant?  

The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy can cause lots of anxiety whether you have been trying to get pregnant for years or are unexpectedly suspecting you may be pregnant.

The first signs of pregnancy is usually breast tenderness. Suddenly your breasts will be achy and may hurt when they are touched.

For some women unexpected tiredness or needing to urinate more often are the first signs.

For me, being unexpectedly emotional was the first sign. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a couple years. I had stopped doing regular pregnancy tests because I was driving myself crazy. We were returning from dinner out with friends when I started crying about something silly. He took the next exit and pulled up at a drugstore. Puzzled, I asked him what the heck he was doing. He said, “Arrington,you never get sad and cry over silly stuff. I think you are pregnant!” We went in, got a home pregnancy test and sure enough, I was pregnant! My oldest daughter is ten years old now…

I’m pregnant and uncomfortable.  What should I do?

When you get pregnant, it is like your body has been taken over by aliens! Suddenly you feel and look different. Daily you notice new changes and discomforts.

How do pregnant women navigate through all of these changes?

How to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy is one of the common questions about pregnancy.

Early in your pregnancy you may be plagued by breast tenderness, morning sickness, nausea, depression, swelling, fatigue, headaches or dizziness.

Later in your pregnancy constipation, hemerrhoids (piles), muscle cramps, pelvic pain, backache, sciatica, urinary tract infections, varicose veins and sleep problems.

Fortunately, while pregnancy will never be 100% comfortable, there are many things you can do to make yourself more comfortable at the same time you help your body make a healthy baby.

Here are some tips for:

Having trouble breathing?  Feel like you have a cold that just won't go away?  Are you snoring for the first time in your life?  Learn how to deal with congestion during pregnancy

Learning how a healthy pregnancy diet can minimize nausea and morning sickness

Exercises that will help alleviate pain, support your changing body and prepare you for birth 

Visit our pregnancy forum to ask your questions about pregnancy and hear other women’s stories. 

Read our Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth eBook for hundreds of tips!

How can I enjoy my pregnancy more?

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, women always have questions about pregnancy.  At least 50% of the time, women want to know how they can enjoy their pregnancy more.  

Despite shows about huge families like the Duggars, the number of women who have more than two children is fairly small.  The cost of raising children along with the time and energy necessary preclude the majority of us from having huge families.  

Pregnancy is such a special time!  

You are making a baby inside of you!  Only you can feel the flutters your baby first makes, the hiccups, the kicks.  This is a special time where you and your baby can bond.  

Buy our "Your Amazing Pregnancy" Video Course to learn how to enjoy every stage of your pregnancy. On the video we share a wealth of ideas that we have compiled from over 15 years working with pregnant women.  It is a great way for you to get the answers you need to help you enjoy this special time.  From massage and aromatherapy to compression hose and clothing tips, we want you to have an amazing pregnancy.  

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How can I be assured I am doing everything I can to make a healthy baby?

Out of all the questions about pregnancy, this one comes up the least.  

With one in three children currently struggling with a lifelong medical condition we feel strongly that it should be the other way around.  

Making a healthy baby is likely the hardest thing your body will ever do.

Think about it… basically your body is building the equivalent of a 150 story skyscraper inside of your tummy.  The number of details that need to be just right are staggering.  

There is much that you can do to help your body accomplish this gigantic task!  There are a number of important things you need to think about and make decisions about to protect your unborn baby.  

From exercise to diet to decisions about birth and medical treatments, there is a tremendous amount that you can do to ensure your baby is born healthy with the best chances of lifelong health.  

Learn how a healthy pregnancy diet can minimize nausea and morning sickness 

Exercises that will help aleviate pain, support your changing body and prepare you for birth 

Visit our pregnancy forum to ask questions and hear other women’s stories.

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