Natural Pregnancy Mentor

Yes!  Help is available to answer your most personal questions.  Learn how a natural pregnancy mentor can save you time, provide you reassurance and help you have an amazing pregnancy. 

Is this the first time you have considered getting personal advice? As your natural pregnancy mentor I can save you time and provide you a huge amount of reassurance.

New moms need to be reassured that they are doing everything they can to be comfortable and to make a healthy baby.

Experienced moms need help dealing with new discomforts and issues at the same time they need to be reminded about what they learned last time (say “thank you” to the pregnancy hormones which make us forget!)

Yes, I would like to be mentored!

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What is your pregnancy dream?

Do you dream...

...of feeling confident you are doing all the right things?

...of having more energy so you can enjoy your pregnancy?

...of being more comfortable?

...of sleeping better?

...of gaining the perfect amount of weight?

…of having baby’s father be more involved?

As your natural pregnancy mentor, I can show you how.

Have the pregnancy of your dreams!

I work with you, answer your questions and give you a personalized recommendations that meet all of your needs, your busy lifestyle, your food preferences and most importantly, suggestions that work with the pregnancy you are having now.

Because let's face it...  Every pregnancy is different!

Here is What Other Women - Just Like You - Have To Say About How Mentoring Helped Them

Nathalie's Story

Nathalie explains why receiving natural pregnancy mentoring enabled her to have an amazing pregnancy and deliver her baby naturally despite feeling overwhelmed and terrified when she came to me.

I love how she describes some of the surprising changes that took place during her pregnancy!  

Justine's Story

Justine has such a great story!  I love how she explains why receiving natural pregnancy mentoring gave her confidence and empowered her to deliver two healthy babies naturally.  

Shelly's Story

Shelly explains how she went from having intense morning sickness and feeling completely overwhelmed to successfully delivering her first son naturally, despite working full-time at a start-up company.  

I love how Shelly understates how truely miserable she was when she contacted me initially.  Once we got her on track she became one of the most curious and focused mentoring clients I've ever had!

Why trust me as your natural pregnancy mentor? 

I am passionate about helping other women have healthy children!  I’ve done a tremendous amount of research, I have loads of experience and I want to save you time and energy!

As your natural pregnancy mentor I offer 15 years of experience teaching pregnancy and childbirth classes.  I also have a wealth of personal experience to draw from.  I had children late in life and did a tremendous amount of research in order to get pregnant and deliver three healthy girls.  

Getting pregnant the first time was a challenge as I hadn’t even had a period in over 2 years. Using acupuncture to stimulate my reproductive organs and by stabilizing my hormones I got pregnant for the first time at thirty five years old.

I delivered my first daughter when I was thirty six years old, my second at thirty eight and my third at forty years old.  I had a wide range of birth experiences since my first daughter was breech and we couldn’t get her to turn.  I had a cesarean section with her, a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in the hospital with my second daughter and a home birth with my third. 

I am rather unique in that I focus on your physical, mental and emotional health when providing mentoring.  From a physical perspective I incorporate a variety nutritional strategies, specific exercises, massage techniques, aromatherapy and essential oils into my recommendations based on your specific needs. I also will suggest acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to deal with specific problems. When requested, I will provide you with links to studies, books and research articles so you can do more research .  

I feel strongly that helping women physically and emotionally is necessary to be truly prepared for childbirth and to have the best possible pregnancy.  I worked full-time in high tech marketing during all three of my pregnancies.  

Due to my stressful career, I learned first-hand how important relaxation and visualization is to conquer birthing fears as well as lower stress levels while pregnant.  Stress during pregnancy is particularly damaging since high cortisol levels interfere with pregnancy hormones and make it much harder for your body to make a healthy baby.  

In my classes and through my doula experience I have seen first-hand how guided relaxation, visualization practice, childbirth hypnosis, affirmations and neuro-linguistic programming techniques (NLP) can make a profound difference.  

My goal is to match you with the information and resources you need to have an amazing pregnancy and a wonderful childbirth experience!

How does natural pregnancy mentoring work?

I provide natural pregnancy mentor services in English over Skype and on the phone.  I’m located in the United States near San Francisco  (GMT -8 hours). I charge $150.00 USD per sixty-minute mentoring session and accept secure payments using Paypal. 

The process to get set-up is simple:

  • Contact me to request a 60 minute consultation using the mentoring request form below. 
  • You will get an email from me asking you to provide a preferred time and a couple alternate times that would work for you (between the hours of 8 am and 8pm Pacific Time (GMT -8 hours)).  The email will contain a link for you to pay for your session and a request for your Skype ID or preferred phone number for our call.
  • You will click on the payment link I send and pay me for the amount of time you want to be mentored.  My time is offered in 60 minute session increments which you can use individually or all at once.
  • I’ll send you an email confirmation with the time and dial in information I will be using to contact you. 

During your session, you will receive my undivided attention.  I will provide you the very best information and suggestions I can based on your situation.

Often, I will follow up with an email with more details regarding recommendations as well as suggested reading materials and references particular to your situation.

Please check out the feedback I have received (below) from my students and my natural pregnancy mentor clients.  Obtaining feedback is very important to me so that I can provide the best possible mentoring.

Yes, I would like to be mentored!

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Here is where we ask everyone who has benefited from our mentoring to provide us feedback.

Thank you for allowing us to mentor you. Pregnancy and childbirth is such a special time. We appreciate you sharing your experience and letting others know how we made a difference for you!

Here Is What Our Natural Pregnancy Mentoring Recipients Have To Say

Here is what some very special mothers and mothers-to-be have to say about our mentoring...

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Dear Arrington, Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was terrified when I called you. Afraid of childbirth Afraid I wasn't …

Saved My Marriage! 
Arrington, I really can't express in words how helpful your mentoring was during my pregnancy. I was feeling completely overwhelmed trying to keep …

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