Increase chance of getting pregnant with ovulation testing

Increase chance of getting pregnant: Increase your odds of getting pregnant by learning about and conducting regular ovulation testing. With many career women delaying having kids until later in life, we have found many mothers-to-be need some help getting pregnant.

Female Hormone Cycle

Ovulation testing is the best way to identify when you are most fertile and therefore the best way to determine when to have intercourse.

The best thing that you can do to figure out when your body is about to ovulate and therefore when you have reached peak fertility - is to start testing for your urine for luteinizing hormone (LH). Often referred to as simply LH, this hormone surges briefly just prior to ovulation. Knowing when your LH surge typically occurs will increase your chances of getting pregnant dramatically.

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How to test for your LH Surge

ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

The best way to test for your LH surge is to buy an ovulation predictor kit. Half of the women at natural parenting advice used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor , a palm-sized electronic system that monitors both your estrogen and LH levels and provides you an unmistakable display of your personal level of fertility for every day of your cycle. We know that the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor will increase chance of getting pregnant.

Although we have not had personal experience with them, we hear that OvaCue and OvuQuick Fertility Monitors are also good ovulation detectors. For more information about monitors and cheaper alternatives, read our Complete Tips for Getting Pregnant . Then it is a matter of following the instructions that come with your monitor.

Here are a couple tips for getting the best results with a monitor that uses urine to increase chance of getting pregnant. First, urinate into a cup and then put the test stick into the cup of urine (usually for 10 seconds – but use the instructions with your monitor) for the most consistent results. Several of us have had problems where we got too much or too little urine on the test strip that resulted in inaccurate results and a failed month of trying.

early pregnancy tests

Test at 2pm every day. Set your watch or enter a reminder on your calendar program to ensure that you test as close to 2pm every day. Why? Your body will experience a surge of LH in the morning, but that won’t show up in your urine for us to four hours later. If you test first thing in the morning, you risk missing your LH surge. For more testing strategies read our comprehensive guide Tips for Getting Pregnant

When to have intercourse to increase chance of getting pregnant

To increase chance of getting pregnant, the best time to have intercourse is the day of your LH surge. That means if you are testing at 2pm in the afternoon, you should have intercourse in the evening just before going to sleep.

Why is it best to have intercourse just before going to sleep? By staying horizontal and falling asleep immediately after intercourse you ensure the maximum amount of sperm remains inside your vagina where they have the opportunity of fertilizing your egg instead of ending up in your underwear.

As women get older the quality of their vaginal mucus lessons, therefore you want the sperm to end up as close to your cervix as possible so they have the least distance to travel.

For more information about getting pregnant

Now you have our #1 tip to “increase chance of getting pregnant” – start testing for ovulation. With this tip alone, over half of the women at Natural Parenting Advice were able to get pregnant within six cycles despite being over thirty five years old. Even while traveling for business, we kept out testing up by carrying our monitor in our purse and wearing a watch with an alarm. Regardless of what time zone we were in, we tested our urine!

For more information regarding all the things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant, read our comprehensive guide Tips for Getting Pregnant . For those of you that have suffered a recent miscarriage, take heart and read Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage (coming soon). While it is likelier that you will experience a miscarriage the older you get, we have found that getting pregnant after a miscarriage is a snap, even for those of us that had trouble getting pregnant in the first place.

Visit our Natural Conception Forum and tell us your story. Are you having trouble getting pregnant? What is going on and what have you tried? Come get tips from moms who also struggled to get pregnant.

Our final suggestion, enjoy trying to get pregnant. Stress is likely the number one obstacle to getting pregnant, so regardless of what your fertility monitor says, do your best to slow your busy mind down and simply enjoy the process!

We hope you enjoyed these tips for "increase chance of getting pregnant"!

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