Thank you for the confidence

by Kirsten Asher

Dear Arrington,

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was terrified when I called you.

Afraid of childbirth
Afraid I wasn't doing everything I should to have a healthy baby
Afraid about what I didn't know
Afraid I wouldn't be able to balance it all

You are so empowering! I probably turned out to be your neediest client, since I must have had sessions with you at least twice a week on average throughout my entire pregnancy.

I can't tell you how much I looked forward to our sessions. You have such a wealth of knowledge, there was not way I could match that simply doing research on my own. Like I could even fit that in with my crazy career anyway! Someone should warn successful business women that they will become a blubbering mess the minute they become pregnant.

After every session I felt empowered to have the very best pregnancy ever. I had the answers I needed to the questions I couldn't even begin formulating. It was like a Vulcan mind meld. You just knew what I needed to know and what I needed to hear.

As you know by having a couple of my clients as part of your natural pregnancy mentoring practice, I totally appreciate everything.


P.S. I know you have tons of clients who love you. You really should ask them to write testimonials for you. I just happened to find this on your website when I was looking up mentoring information to send another friend (her name is Julie and she will be calling you).

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So Great To Hear You Are Feeling Empowered!
by: Arrington

Hi Nathalie,

There is nothing like taking action to help you feel empowered and to combat fear! Please don't feel down on yourself!

Most women feel terrified about childbirth. Our culture pretty much breeds this fear since we tend to embellish our birth stories (it is hard work, but it isn't anywhere as bad as your friends would have you think!

If it was, they wouldn't be having 2nd and 3rd children) In the olden days, we would have seen and participated in a couple of births before we had our own children.

Here is an idea for you! Start watching natural childbirth videos on YouTube. If you do that, and take a pregnancy and childbirth class (I think in person Bradley Birthing classes are best), then you will start feeling much less fearful and much more confident in your own body.


P.S. Also consider signing up for our free pregnancy e-guide! You will get lots of tips in that as well!

by: Nathalie

I really appreciated hearing about how scared you were.

I've been feeling really down on myself because I'm terrified.

You seem like a really strong and capable woman. If you are scared, then perhaps it isn't so bad that I am.

Time to do something about it tho...

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