Cesarean Birth

by Angela
(Interlachen, Florida)

The day my love and my joy was born

The day my love and my joy was born

I went for an all-day appointment. I was suppose to go stress test, ultrasound, and then to see the doctor. They told me this was going to be an all-day thing “so don't plan anything else”.

I went to all the appointments really fast. I thought Oh boy I am going to get to go home real soon. Then I went to see my OB. She told me that I was going to have anywhere from a 10lb to 11lb baby, and that I need to have a c-section.

Then she told me to come back at 5:00pm for the operation. She told me not to eat anything, but for my husband to go to eat. We were in Gainesville at North Florida and right across from there was a mall.

I wanted to sit and cry because I was scared, but my husband wouldn't let me. He went into Taco Bell and got the biggest dinner he could get. Then he felt bad and told me to finish calling to tell everyone.

At five o’clock I went back to have my baby. They had to tell my husband to sit down about 100 times. Then they said that the baby was full grown and didn't want to come out. Finally at 5:35 my baby was born.

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