Recommended Midwives



Recommended Midwives

Here are some midwives that have been recommended by our readers.

Chris Duffy is a wonderful midwife working in the Houston area with over 20 years experience. Her care is based on natural principles: eating healthy, herbs, supplements, essential oils and, what is more important, kindness. Her website is:

If you are thinking of having a home birth in the area of Houston please consider this superb midwife.

Have a blessed day,

Tamara Blessing, Magnolia, TX

Natural-Parenting-Advice Comment

Thanks for the recommendation, Tamara.

We are always happy to connect mothers-to-be with gifted midwives!

We welcome any of our readers visiting our Recommended Midwives page to add their own recommendations into the comments. In this way, we can create a page with reader tested midwives across the country over time.

Please be sure to include your midwife's name, some information about why you like her, her location, her coverage area and her contact inforamtion.

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