Giving Birth Quickly

by Melissa
(Elizabethtown, KY, USA)

I was expecting my third child a daughter and was a week away from my due date. I took my 2 older children to school that morning as normal and had a doctor’s appointment at 10:00 never expecting today would be the day. My other two children were both overdue.

I went about my normal morning routine but for some reason I felt the need to make sure my bag was packed and with me along with the camera. I'm so happy I listened to that inner voice. I arrived at my appointment a few minutes early and started contractions right in the office and I told the receptionist and they took me straight back to be monitored.

I could hardly sit still as they were monitoring me I was having such hard contractions. They told me I was 5 centimeters and to head to the hospital. I still cannot believe they let me drive myself so I headed to my husband’s work 5 minutes away and thought I wasn't going to make it.

I arrived and as usual I got the “give me a few minutes” which was nearly impossible for me to wait through. Finally, I threatened to have the baby there and he realized how serious I was. Thank fully the hospital was across the street and it seems like we hit every speed bump, that only intensified the contractions.

We arrived at the hospital at 10:30am and at this point I was screaming in pain and begged to be checked and my water broke and they started screaming for people to come in. It was scary I had merconium in the water and I still thank God we made it to the hospital so they could take care of my baby and make sure all was alright.

My husband and I were in shock thinking the baby would not come so quickly but at 10:42 am after just two pushes our baby girl Caitlyn Elizabeth made her appearance weighing in at seven pounds four ounces.

After a quick check over she was in my arms she was perfect and beautiful. I'm so grateful we made it to the hospital and that everything went so smoothly. Though it all went so quickly I was amazed at the experience of natural labor it was amazing even though it was painful there is nothing like that moment you know your baby is born.

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