My Natural Pregnancy Changed My Life | Have a Vision

by Katya Turner

First of all OMG I am so happy I found this site and this community. My pregnancy has been transformational on so many levels, and so incredibly JOYFUL and EASY, that I would LOVE to share it with women who need inspiration and empowerment. As well as practical lessons I learned along the way. This will be lesson #1 ;)

My Natural Pregnancy Changed My Life | Have a Vision

For moderators: I tried posting my full story but its longer than this field will allow me to post :/ should I email it to you and you can post it at your discretion? A lot of what i will be talking about will refer back to my story :) And you guys are amazing! I can not wait to read up on parenting here and help women with their natural pregnancies and natural births.

The most important of all the lessons I have learned being pregnant is the importance of having a vision. If you take anything out of this book for yourself, I pray for it to be this lesson. It is applicable far beyond pregnancy, and can help you so much. Help you let go of control and surrender to the divine flow, help you stay calm and centered no matter what your external circumstances are, help you retain the feeling of joy and happiness. Having a vision of what exactly it is you desire makes all the difference in the world.

From the very first month I started envisioning my baby, being pregnant, being in labor. I imagined a perfect case scenario for myself: a perfect journey and a perfect ending, and believed it. To the core of my bones I believed that this is how it has to be.

I imagined having a happy joyful pregnancy, being nurtured by nature in all its essence – food, sunlight, air, wind, earth, how nature merged with my body and fortified it with every time I ate an organic fruit or stepped with a bare foot on the ground. I imagined my baby being perfectly healthy and happy, smiling, giggling. I imagined a fast and painless labor, where I was centered and focused. I imagined it being just like another task: like an exam in the university – seems scary at first, but then you just walk in the room, pick your question and rock it (that’s how we did it in Ukraine :) ) Or a performance on stage: you have butterflies in your stomach, you think you are scared, but then you just walk out, catch that spotlight with your eyes, exhale and do it. And that seemingly nerve-wracking experience is followed by the sweetest applause. Same here. Only applause have nothing on your baby landing on your stomach. You never forget this mind-blowing reward. For the rest of your life.

I also imagined being financially taken care of, making enough and always having enough for my baby. In the midst of all of our financial problems I imagined the complete opposite. I did not know how we were gonna get there, but I believed that this is exactly how it was going to happen.

Whether it made sense or not did not concern me. I BELIEVED. I also created little reminders for myself to keep me aligned with my vision throughout the day. Since I spent so much time in the office, I created a set of uplifting notes on every corner. I wrote myself a note and stuck in under my keyboard, so that the message was always in front of me.

I wrote: “Expect miracles. I will have a fast painless concentrated labor and we will meet our healthy happy daughter Mimi.” I also wrote : CREATE YOUR FREEDOM on top of the desk calendar every month to remind me that I create my inner state of freedom for myself, that it is my choice to be free, that my internal freedom does not depend on any external circumstances.

I made a vision board and kept it out at all times. It is still on my desk :) It consisted of the most important desires I had for my life at the time. On top I wrote: I know and live my life’s purpose. I also included picture of a smiling child to symbolize a healthy happy child I was waiting on, a picture of a happy family, a picture of a new car and a house with lots of green, gardens and greenhouses. I am still waiting on that house to manifest itself, but I look at that board every day, envision myself enjoying those gardens around it, meditating there, smelling flowers, reading a book, having a family meal outdoors, having a morning tea on my porch looking out into nothing but nature, listening to birds singing instead of traffic noise, writing there, running barefoot in the rain with my daughter and my husband. It is good to get in such details of your vision, imagine how every detail feels like, smells like, tastes like etc. The more detail you give to your vision, the stronger going to be the feeling of your daydream – as if you already have it. And THAT is what helps you manifest it into your life. By feeling the feeling of having what it is you dream about, you attract it into your life.

Also, on my daily work list I would write inspirational and motivational quotes, spiritual concepts I needed help with that day or that week. Pretty much all the places that got my often attention, got a note stuck to them, which helped me tremendously to keep my vision always in front of me. No matter the financial stress, no matter the workload – I knew that my biggest job during the 9 months was to keep that vision alive, nurture it, and believe it. And I did, and it did wonders for me and my emotional well-being. I think if we practice this method every day, our lives will get way more flow, synchronicity, will be more joyful and colorful, happy and stress-free. We will get to live the life of our dreams every day.

Now there’s a new note stuck under my keyboard with a new vision I keep for my future. I imagine it every day in meditation, I daydream about it, tailoring every detail, feeling every feeling. When I get to make it real, my keyboard is going to receive a new one, and then a new one, and more vision boards, more reminders, hearts and smiley faces around my calendar and work docket. I infiltrate my life with my vision, and in that way I attract it to myself – with confidence and joy.

And I believe in every one of you, that you too can create a vision for your pregnancy, for your career, for your relationships, for your life. I imagine you writing your notes, posting them on mirrors, desks, walls, sticking them in your wallets, and I smile :) As I know it shall too be real. As it is my vision, and I mean it to be.

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