Could I Be Pregnant?

Hi Natural-Parenting-Advice Community!

My last period was on December 27th and it lasted for 5 days. I had unprotected sex with my husband somewhere between January 15th- January 20th.

Today's date is February 2nd and I still haven't gotten my period. Yesterday I did a home pregnancy test but it was negative (however, I did do it in the afternoon. .).

Is it still possible that I am pregnant? Oh, and I should mention that we have some problems during intercourse (he can't go all the way in because it hurts me too much and so my hymen could still possibly be intact).

So..could I be pregnant?


Hi Kristina,

Yes, you could be pregnant! I'd take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning tomorrow using your first urine of the day after not urinating for at least 4 hours. Here are some tips for Pregnancy Testing.

Are you experiencing any changes either to your body or emotions? Here are some Early Pregnancy Signs that may also be in indicator that you are pregnant.

One last thing, as long as your husband is able to enter you (even if it is for only a couple inches, it is unlikely that your hymen is still attached. The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the entrance to your vagina. So if he is able to enter you, your hymen is likely broken.

Have you tried a variety of positions for intercourse? Some positions may be easier than others. During intercourse your vagina stretches. His penis may be bumping up against organs in your abdominal cavity, so varying your positions may help. Tension can also be a factor. If your are afraid it is going to hurt, then you may be tensing. Have you tried woman on top position? That would allow you to control penetration and it is one of the positions that is most comfortable for women is pain due to penetration is a factor.

Hope this helps!


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