Experiencing Motherhood

by Mani

I'm a mom of two beautiful angels..but this was not that easy few years back...

I got married in the year 2004, I was not serious about the children till first 6 months of my marriage, but after 6 months we started to plan for children, but it didn't work out for about 4-5 months so we went to the doctor. The doctor suggested to go through few medical examinations and said everything looks fine...

But I was still worrying because even though the doctor said everything is fine I still wasn't getting pregnant.

So I started some light exercise and started eating more protein and vegetables. I purchased and learned how to use Ovulation test strips. I also started tracking my temperatures using a fertility chart and basal thermometer.

Then finally on one fine day I saw a smiley on my pregnancy test ...Hurray that was my first pregnancy!! All the hard work paid off.

I conceived in the 2005 and delivered a beautiful baby girl who is now 4 and 1/2 years old.

During my pregnancy I was very careful about my diet (more veggies and fruit) and made sure I got plenty of sleep. I also walked every day.

I did the same thing for my second child too. I had another baby girl whis 2 years old now..With God's grace we are a happy family now...

Happy MOM

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