Want Just the Essential Pregnancy Advice Please!

by Linda

hi, I have just discovered that I am pregnant.Its very early days but now I realise all that I dont know about being pregnant.

To be honest, I dont want to be ignorant and I want the best for the development of my baby of course, but I dont want to go out and read every pregnancy book and blog written.

I dont want to be overwhelmed with contradictory advice or loads of fears that seem to surround pregnancy.

I dont want to be told to NOT eat or DO something just because thats what everybody says whether it has valid reason or not.

I am 39 and i have a healthy and strong body. We got pregnant almost immediately. I am active, I teach and practice yoga regularly, i meditate, am happy and fairly easy going.i limit the stress in my life as much as possible.

I eat healthy: mainly organic,lots of veg, lots of homemade fresh fruit and green juices and smoothies, eggs, chia, quinoa,tofu and tempeh, meat and fish when I feel my body needs it.

I eat lots of homemade sprouts, i eat little to no processed food or tinned food. I do eat seaweed and vermicelli and pasta at times. I havent been eating much dairy at all the past few months.

I rarely drink alcohol in the past few years but so far i feel a glass of wine every now and then (like once every few weeks) would be ok.

I drink a coffee maybe 4 or 5 times a week..i do make sure its not the first thing in my system!

I have started taking a mother/baby multi vit. I notice it has 800mg of folic acid which seems a lot.but i gather its ok...any feedback on that?

I would appreciate balanced and rational advice on how I am living and how I am doing and if this is on the right track for my pregnancy.

I want to continue normal life in diet and exercise as much as possible if I feel up to it.

I want to listen to my body and what it feels it needs. I want practical constructive advice please!

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