Will I have another child?

I thought I had it all - I was happily married and we were going to try to have a child. I got pregnant seemingly right away and was ecstatic. I made the common mistake of telling everyone I knew that we were going to have a baby!!

Unfortunately that would have to wait another 3 years as I miscarried at around 10 weeks. A word of advice if I may, it is better to wait (as hard as it may be) until you are in your second trimester before informing people of your status.

That said, we were blessed with a very healthy full-term daughter the second time at pregnancy so all was wonderful. Since neither of us wanted an only child we decided to try and have another.

Again, I got pregnant right away but, again, started having some bad side effects (bleeding/cramping) at around eight weeks. Uh-oh, we thought again. However, this time around, it was discovered that I had an ectopic pregnancy.

After laparoscopic surgery I was told that I basically had only one working ovary so, combined with my age, the chances of getting pregnant were very slim.

That was a very sad time in our lives but I am happy to report that 3 1/2 years later we had another healthy, full term baby girl.

Moral of the story is to not give up and when things seem to be bleak try to stay positive. It sounds trite but if it is meant to be it will be.

Best of luck to anyone who wants more children and is afraid they can't!!

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