Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy

by Casey

Tips to a healthy pregnancy

Tips to a healthy pregnancy

10 great tips to a healthy pregnancy. This is what you need to know at a minimum to have a healthy pregnancy.

1- Take folic acid- a pregnant woman must take in multivitamin with 400 grams of folic acid every day. Why? Because your diet must contain enough folic acid for the proper development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord.

2- Get a check up before pregnancy- it is good to get a check up even before conceiving as this may help you to evaluate your health and identify health and life style risks that may affect your pregnancy

3-Eat the right foods - a pregnant woman must be careful about her diet. Nutrition is important since your body need the nutrients in what you eat to build a healthy baby. Protein as well as green veggies are most important for a normal pregnancy.

4- Stop smoking and avoid second hand smoke- not only does smoking make it harder for a woman to get pregnant, but it also harms her unborn baby. If you spend time around people that are spoking, the second hand smoke can also cause your baby to be born prematurely or have low birth weight as well as be at higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome.

5-Stop drinking alcohol- alcohol is hazardous for the health of a pregnant lady. Drinking alcohol before or during pregnancy may cause your baby lifelong problems like fetal alcohol syndrome, low birth weights and heart defects - just to name a few.

6-Do not use illegal drugs- a pregnant woman should never take any illegal drugs as this is of great danger to the baby. In addition, you should avoid taking prescribed medication unless it is absolutely necessary as it too will reach and potentially damage your baby.

7-Avoid infections and toxins- when you are pregnant, it is especially important to avoid getting sick. Try to stay away from others that are sick and wash your hands regularly. You should also be careful to avoid potentially unsafe foods like raw meat and fish and unpasteurized milk and milk products unless they are from sources that you know are safe and trustworthy. Lastly, be sure to wash all fruits and vegetables well before consuming them.

8-Avoid stress- stress is one of the most common causes of premature birth. Simply choose the health of your baby over all the potential stressors in your life. Obtain and listen to relaxation scripts if you have an overly active mind.

9-Do some sort of light exercise– exercises like swimming, walking and prenatal yoga are great ways to keep yourself in shape and also prepare for a healthy childbirth.

10-Drink plenty of water- last but not the least your should drink 3-4 pints of water daily.

Hope these tips to a healthy pregnancy help you.

Did I miss any important ones?

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