My Pregnancy Secret

Hello! I just stumbled upon this site and it seems great :) I can share my pregnancy secret. I am a mother of five from BC, Canada. I am due June 2016 with my sixth baby, and I can't believe how blessed I am! I am eight weeks along as I write this, and tomorrow's my first midwife appointment.

I am especially looking forward to it because she is the only person who I've told that I'm pregnant. I feel really nervous about telling anyone, even my husband. I know that most people would feel that it's joyful news, but they would also feel concern. My husband especially will be worried about how we can fit another little one into our lives, financially and logistically. I don't have those kinds of worries. I trust that things will continue to work out as they always have.

I guess, for now, I've just wanted to keep my pregnancy secret... just between me and my baby because I want only positive energy around us.

It's challenging though when I'm feeling tired and nauseous. It would be nice if I could indulge myself and whine about that a little bit. The only reason I haven't told my sister or my friends is because I'm not ready to tell my husband, and I feel like I should at least wait until then.

But as time goes on, I do worry a little bit about keeping my pregnancy secret. Certain people might be hurt that I didn't share the news from the start. Even at the age of 37, as a confident mama of five darling children, I still sometimes worry about what other people think and feel.

One unique thing for me about this pregnancy is the size of the gap since my last pregnancy. Just over five years. My first four babies all came every second August. And then there was a 2 year 9 month gap to the fifth baby. Now my youngest will have just turned five when this baby is due.

I'm looking forward to the changes that will bring, but I'm a little nervous about the changes too. My oldest will be a few months shy of 14 when this little one comes. I never intended for this kind of spread, but I'm kind of grateful for it. I loved my big family with my awesome older siblings. I'm glad my children will have that kind of experience too.

Anyway. . .I just look forward to maybe getting to know some people through this forum.

I'd never really participated in online pregnancy forums in the past. This time, it felt like it might be something neat to try. I feel like I have some wisdom to share and am definitely seeking support as well. Thank you for giving me a space to share my pregnancy secret!

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