Newborn Procedures

Newborn procedures are elective and should be considered carefully. You need to understand the procedures that will be performed on your baby immediately after birth

If you deliver in the hospital, the moment you baby is born, he or she becomes the responsibility of a pediatrician, not your doctor or midwife. Often this means you will be dealing with whichever hospital based pediatrician is on call, someone you likely have never even met prior to when they will be examining your baby. The best way for you to communicate your wishes to this person is thru a newborn care procedures section on your birth plan.

Many new parents don’t realize this nor do they know about routine newborn care. Again, these procedures are there for the convenience and protection of the hospital and its staff, and are not necessarily in the best interests of your child. Many parents do not realize the impact that these procedures can have on their newborn.


Here at natural parenting advice, we regard newborn care procedures as our first opportunity to make decisions on behalf of our child. With so many sick children these days, we view routine hospital procedures as contributing factors. Obviously, “the norm” and what the majority of parents are choosing (or most likely not choosing) is not working.

As working parents, we all feel that doing research and striving to make the best decisions on behalf of our children takes far less time than parenting a chronically ill child. These decisions begin the moment our child is born. To make this easier for other parents, we have documented what has worked for us along with providing the best resources we have found so that you can dig deeper.

It is essential that you learn about, consider and then document your wishes your newborn care requests.

Newborn procedures you need to consider

  • If you want your baby washed and if so when and where the bath will take place
  • If , when, and how you want suctioning performed
  • When you want the umbilical cord clamped and who you want to cut it
  • Whether or not you want ointment put in your child’s eyes
  • When you want the PKU testing to be performed
  • Whether or not you want Vitamin K to be given to your baby, when and how (injection or drops)
  • Whether or not you want your newborn to be given a Hepititis B vaccine
  • If you have a boy, if and when you want him circumcised

Make sure you document to document your preferences on your birth plan.


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