First Pregnancy Sign

We asked five women what their first pregnancy sign was.  Here are the surprising things they told us.

When reflecting back, many women find that their first pregnancy sign is rather obvious and often funny

If you are trying to get pregnant, pay attention to how you feel.  If you start feeling or behaving differently than normal you may be pregnant! Read thru the stories below to see how this can play out.  Also read about other early signs of pregnancy so that you are prepared.  We highly recommend you document all of the interesting and surprising things that happen while you are pregnant in a journal and in your child's baby book. These are memories to treasure!

I fell asleep in my car at work for two hours the middle of the afternoon


Although I didn’t realize I was pregnant for a couple days after, my first pregnancy sign was falling asleep in my car at work for two hours…in the middle of the afternoon.  

I’d gone out to run errands on my lunch break.  When I returned to the parking lot at work, I suddenly felt completely exhausted.  Returning to work felt totally overwhelming.  

So I decided that I would just recline my car seat back and rest for a few minutes before going back into the building.  I woke up two hours later in a very hot car feeling completely disoriented.  

If it wasn’t a hot afternoon, who knows how long I would have slept!  Fortunately, my boss was out of the office at a conference so I hadn’t missed any big meetings or anything like that.  

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year.  So the incident didn’t tip me off that I was pregnant until a couple days later when my husband complained about how hard it was to drag me out of the house to go for a hike.  I wanted to have a nap, not hike.  

Since I normally NEVER nap during the day, the light bulb finally went on and I realized this might be my first pregnancy sign.  We stopped by the pharmacy on our way back from walking to dinner.   

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I freaked out while reading Winnie the Pooh

My first pregnancy sign was when I had to stop reading Winnie the Pooh to my toddler.  My daughter loves Winnie the Pooh and I’ve read this particular story to her at least a hundred times.  

Everything was as normal until I got to the point where Winnie tries to squeeze out of Rabbit’s burrow after eating too much.  He gets half way out and then can’t go either forwards of backwards.  

All of a sudden, I just FELT, really tapped into and felt what it would be like to be stuck and unable to move with my arms trapped along my sides, not just for a few minutes, but a few days!!  I couldn’t take it!  I felt panicked!  I’ve never been claustrophobic, but suddenly, I couldn’t sit there reading a second longer.  

I dropped the book, stood up and told my daughter that I needed to go to the bathroom.  I ran to the bathroom waving my arms around like a crazy lady to reassure myself that I wasn’t trapped in any way.  I closed the bathroom door and had to take deep breaths while pacing and shaking my hands for about five minutes to calm down.  

My husband came in to find out what was going on since my daughter got bored waiting for me and decided it was time to hang out with her daddy.  

I didn’t even attempt to read Winnie the Pooh again during my pregnancy. I also learned not to read The Giving Tree either, because that made me cry hysterically.  

My husband still teases me about how weirdly emotional I get when I’m pregnant. My first pregnancy sign with my daughter had also been emotional, albeit not as funny.  

I thought the chicken I was preparing for dinner looked like a little doggie


My first pregnancy sign was feeling sorry for the chicken I was cooking for dinner.  

I usually roast a whole chicken for dinner on Wednesday nights during the winter.  I like to do it on Wednesday so that I we can have chicken soup on Saturday.  I make a wonderful, aromatic stock in my slow cooker with the bones, some onions, carrots and celery.  

On this particular Wednesday, I removed the giblets from the whole, organic free-range chicken I’d purchased and rinsed it off.  While I was patting it dry with a paper towel in preparation for rubbing some butter and herbs on the skin, I suddenly couldn’t bring myself to touch the chicken any longer.  I’d been moving the legs back and forth to dry out the nooks and crannies as well as raising the wings to dry under them.  

Suddenly the chicken reminded me of a little, hairless doggie, just like my Jack Russell Terrier that had passed away the previous year.  I knew I was being completely irrational, but I couldn’t bring myself to touch the chicken again.  

Ultimately, after some protest, my husband finished getting it in the roaster and cooked it.  He also ate it.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat any chicken because of the bones, they were still reminding me of a little doggie.  

I did have some soup that weekend, but my husband had to remove all of the meat from the chicken bones and start the stock for me.  He joked out loud about his concerns over how weird I might get while pregnant if this was happening when I wasn’t.  

That was what made me realize that I might be pregnant!  

I stuck to making only boneless, skinless chicken thighs and breast meat while I was pregnant.  

Luckily, my husband is a wonderful man and he started roasting a chicken and pulling the meat off of the bones so that I could eat it.  He also made my favorite chicken soup for me with stock he prepared. 

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My high beams hurt causing a painful parade 

My first pregnancy sign was rather painful, but as I have learned, also rather typical.

Just after Thanksgiving, they have a wintertime parade in my town called the “Festival of Lights Parade”.  It has always been my very favorite parade.  I love the lighted floats that the local businesses have created often with the local school children singing or performing on them.  There are always at least four marching bands from the local high schools.  

It is often cold at the parade, and I know to dress warmly since the weather is just turning cold and I’m unused to it.  We walked from our house to the parade, about a mile, because parking is always awful.  I was fine on the walk, hot even.  

However, when we got to the parade and were standing around waiting for it to start, I started getting a little cold.  I wasn’t really cold, just enough that my nipples got erect.  

When they contracted, I experienced the most excruciating and unexpected pain!  I grabbed my chest with a shocked squeak.  

My husband thought I was joking around and said he was happy to help me hold my breasts up if I was worried they would fall off.  

Our friends saw him standing behind me holding my breasts (as I whispered in his ear about how they were really hurting) and they started giving us a hard time, telling us to get a room and how obviously trying to get pregnant wasn’t dampening our sex drive.  

The extra warmth from him holding me and my breasts warmed them up and they stopped hurting as my nipples relaxed.  

When he took his hands off, they got erect again with the cold and the sharp, stabbing pain came back.  

That’s when my friend, who is a midwife, realized what was really going on and told me that nipple pain is a common first pregnancy sign.  She told me that she thought I was pregnant.  

I was!  I also learned to dress very warmly during my first trimester because high beams hurt.  

Funnily enough, I was overheated my entire second trimester and up through the birth of my son. 

I cried hysterically for an hour while telling my husband about how I was sure I was never going to be able to get pregnant


In the greatest of all ironies, my first pregnancy sign was crying hysterically on my husband’s shoulder while I told him all about how I was a failure as a woman and convinced I would never be able to get pregnant.  

We were at my best friend’s baby shower.  I was the host.  

Both my best friend and I had been trying to get pregnant at the same time in our mid-thirties.  She was two years older than me, and she got pregnant several months before I did.  I was so excited for her!!  … and secretly feeling a little sorry for myself.  

I enjoyed planning her baby shower for her and it was just a perfect day.  

With the exception that I had to suddenly leave half way thru the gift opening to go bawl my head off!  

My husband came after me immediately, wondering what was going on.  

He also, bless his heart, reminded me that I am normally very level headed.  It still makes my heart flutter when I remember what he said next.  

He said, “Hon, I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I’m thinking that you might be pregnant.  Even if you aren’t and even if we are never able to get pregnant, I’ll always love you and we are going to have a wonderful life, baby or no baby.”

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