Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

In a nutshell, the Fact Plus Pregnancy Test is easy to use. This is an early pregnancy test, meaning it is more sensitive than some tests.

An early pregnancy test is mostly done to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not before she is scheduled to have her period.  

Pregnancy can be determined in several different ways. Starting with simple home pregnancy test kits, for which a wide selection and variety of different kits are available on the market today. 

Being an important moment in a woman’s life, it is crucial that a pregnancy test is done with the best available kit. One of such kits is the Fact Plus Pregnancy Test kit. Known for it accuracy, fact plus pregnancy test kit is one of the most recognizable brand in the market today. If you can trust your doctor to give you an accurate pregnancy test result, you should be able to trust fact plus pregnancy test result too. They will often use the exact same type of test for immediate results along with a blood test which will give them more information to help them determine if your hormone levels are rising as they should.  

This pregnancy test reports having over 99% accurate results from the day of the expected period when you think you may be pregnant and want to be sure of getting the right answer. Fact plus can be used as early as 4 days before you expect your period.  

Fact Plus prides itself on being one of the most accurate pregnancy test kit in the market, even as  accurate as a doctor’s regular pregnancy tests when used exactly on the first day of a missed period. This obviously makes the anxious wait to know the results easier as you already know the results are to be one of the most reliable you can get anywhere.

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Fact Plus test sticks are very easy to use and come with a comprehensive set of instructions for how to use it. The test can be conducted up to 5 days earlier than many other home pregnancy tests, giving results even before your menstrual period is due. This Pregnancy Test is more sensitive than other tests, meaning it can better detect lower levels of the pregnancy hormone, Human chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG). 

It also comes with a protective splashguard and an absorbent point to guide against mess and an easy to read and understand results window.  All you need to do is simply place the tip in your urine stream for about five seconds, as advised in the instruction manual, and then wait for 2 to 10 minutes for the results to appear.

The test has two windows; one which indicates that the test is properly done and one which shows the result; a blue line will appear for a negative result and a plus sign will appear for a positive result.


  • Easy to use 
  • Accurate and reliable 
  • Recognizable brand 
  • Quick results 


  • A bit expensive
  • Not too reliable in the early days after ovulation 
  • Measurement of lower quantity HCG is sometimes poor 

Cycle Tracking Chart

This easy to use chart is our present to you.

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How to use the Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

  1. Open the protective foil pouch when you are ready to use
  2. Then remove test stick from foil package and take off cap
  3. Hold test stick firmly by thumb grip. Point absorbent tip downward in your urine stream for about 5 seconds ONLY.  Too little or too much urine on absorbent tip may result in an invalid result
  4. If you prefer, urinate into a clean, dry cup and dip the entire absorbent tip into the cup for about 20 seconds
  5. Replace cap and lay on a flat surface with "Fact Plus" facing upward

Reading Your Results

You can read the results for this pregnancy test after 2 minutes. 

Positive Results

A positive result displays one blue line in the Control (C) interface AND a "+" in the Result (R) interface

Lines do not need to match and can be any shade of blue

It really does not matter if one of the lines that make up the "+" symbol is darker or fainter than the other

Negative Results

A negative result will displays one blue line in the Control (C) interface AND a "-" in the Results (R) interface

Lines do not need to match and can be any shade of blue

Invalid Results 

If after about 10 minutes no line appears in the Control (C) interface, the result is invalid. You should repeat the test with a new pregnancy test

Getting pregnant is an exciting prospect. It gets more exciting when you are able to quickly verify the state of your pregnancy at the early stage. This pregnancy test is one of the main tools you can deploy to achieve this.

Rosa's Experience with the Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

I've used the Fact Plus brand many times in the past and it always worked well for me. It's easy to use and was always correct for me. I like the multi-packs because you are able to get more tests just in case you drop on into the toilet (like i did because i was so nervous) or if you test too early and need to test again.

When my local pharmacy ran out of the Fact Plus, I automatically went to Amazon and I discovered something new I really like, it arrives in a brown box, so no one knows what you've got :-)

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