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Diabetes Diet Pregnancy, here we discuss exactly what you should eat to manage diabetes in pregnancy without medication.

Maintaining a diabetes diet during pregnancy is very important, not just for you but for your baby. Fluctuating blood sugar levels caused by diabetes in pregnancy, can cause a host of complications both for you and your baby. You need to prevent sugar level fluctuations at the same time you consume adequate nutrition for both you and your baby.

Unlike the popular myth, your baby doesn’t just take what it needs from you. The nutrients in your bloodstream are most available to your baby, not nutrients being stored by your body in fat cells, etc. For example, calcium circulating in your blood from food you just ate is much more available than calcium in your bones.

When you are pregnant, it is especially important to avoid consuming toxins in your diet. For that reason, we recommend that you only eat organic food. You should also avoid all processed and packaged foods as they contain unhealthy chemicals, including MSG, a neurotoxin, often labeled as “natural flavors”.

Diabetes diet pregnancy

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We recommend that you eat the following everyday

For information about WHY you should eat the following every day as part of your diabetes diet pregnancy, read Healthy Pregnancy Diet . To read more about how good nutrition during pregnancy can protect the your baby from diabetes, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, and memory loss later in life read Vitamins for Fetal Development.


Consume 80-100 grams of complete protein per day. You should plan to have at least ONE protein food at every meal. This is important as part of your diabetes diet pregnancy because it will prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Good sources of protein include organic free-range chicken, organic grass fed beef, organic grass fed lamb, organic pork, and wild caught salmon from Alaska.

Your protein intake should include:

  • You should have at least TWO servings of beef, chicken or lamb every day
  • You should also consume TWO free-range, organic chicken eggs and TWO additional egg yolks
  • You should have at least ONE serving of wild caught salmon from Alaska per week

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Green Vegetables

  • You should consume at least FOUR servings of green vegetables every day as part of your diabetes diet pregnancy. Good choices include steamed spinach, chard, broccoli, and fresh baby salad greens.
  • You get extra credit for ONE serving of a lacto-fermented vegetables (like sauerkraut and pickles) each day.

Healthy Fats

In addition to the fats you consume eating protein as recommended above, your diabetes diet pregnancy should include the following additional healthy fats. Like protein, fats are critical for preventing large blood sugar swings.

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Soaked Whole Grains

If you are having trouble with your blood sugar and eating a low carbohydrate diet to reduce blood sugar spikes, then you should eliminate all carbohydrates coming from white stuff including whole grains.  Since gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance can also cause undiagnosed miscarriage, it makes sense to eliminate grains for this reason as well.  

Fresh Berries

For dessert, a small amount of fresh berries can satisfy a craving for sweets at the same time it provides you with a concentrated form of nutrients. Be sure to choose organic as some berries, like strawberries, are heavily sprayed.

  • Eat ONE serving per day of a berries per day with a meal with protein and fat to slow down the blood sugar release. Excellent choices include organic strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.


Salt your food to taste with natural sea salt throughout your pregnancy. Salt is an important part of a diabetes diet pregnancy. Unlike you may have heard, salt does not promote water retention. Our favorite brand is Real Salt which we purchase at Whole Foods.

  • Salt your food to taste.


  • Be sure to drink at least two QUARTS of filtered or spring water each day as part of your diabetes diet pregnancy. Add a couple drops of lemon, lime or wild orange essential oil for flavor if you desire.
  • Drink 2-8oz glasses of unsweetened coconut milk.
  • At least ONE serving per week - of homemade Bone Broths as prepared in Nourishing Traditions. Bone broths are a great source of nutrients and calcium, while also soothing for your stomach. During winter months in particular, we suggest you have soup made with homemade bone broth at least ONCE a week. Canned broth invariably contains MSG, a potent neurotoxin - so be sure to make your own.

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Avoid Eating ANY of the Following

Our diabetes diet pregnancy would not be complete without a discussion about what not to consume. Everything listed below is either unhealthy for you and your baby and/or is likely to cause big blood sugar swings. Both of which you want to avoid during your pregnancy.

  • Trans fatty acids (e.g. hydrogenated oils)
  • Junk food
  • Egg substitutes
  • Commercial fried foods
  • Sugar
  • White flour
  • Soft drinks
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs (even prescription drugs, if possible)

Recommended Reading

One of our favorite book is the enduring classic work on how what we eat shapes us, for better or worse, titled Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, D.D.S.

There are many great articles on the Weston A Price website about diet and nutrition including:

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