Women Breastfeeding

by should try Milkie's Milksavers

Save More Breast Milk

Save More Breast Milk

For all women breastfeeding. I love using my milksaver on the breast I am not using first. It saves my shirt, my washable nursing pads, and up to an ounce of milk each time! Right now, I add it to pumped milk since it is less fatty foremilk. I am looking forward to adding it to homemade baby food when my child is older.


Haven't heard about Milkie's Milk-Savers? Here is a short review written about them that provides more information (from http://www.mymilkies.com/pressfriends:

Any breastfeeding mom knows that wasting even the smallest drop of breast milk can result in a flood of tears (ours, not the baby's). Yes, we breastfeeding moms are quite accustomed to crying over spilled milk. There is no shame in that! Whether you're pumping or nursing, every ounce is precious.

Still, in the first few months of nursing, most of us have come to accept that with letdown comes some leakage on the other side. The milk that comes out of the other breast is usually either the reason we have embarrassing wet spots on our shirt or the reason we have to throw out our milk pad.

Now, there is a new product on the market - The Milkies Milk Saver - that collects the leaked breast milk and allows moms to store it for later use. But is it too good to be true?

The product works discreetly and can be slipped into the bra without being detected. When the nursing mom leaks, the milk is stored in its reservoir rather than wasted into a pad or into the bra. The concept is amazing.

Milk Saver Details:
• Each Milk-Saver comes fitted with a handy travel case that also functions as a convenient stand.

• The Milk-Saver is rigorously tested by an independent lab to ensure zero chemical leaching. It is BPA and phthalate-free as part of our commitment to health.

• The Milk-Saver is made from comfortable, pliable material that allows to discreetly collect extra milk wherever you are. It nestles easily into any snug tank top or bra cup.

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Milk savers
by: Melissa

I wish I knew about this sooner! One thing that frustrated me the most about breastfeeding as a new mother was leaking! I hated feeding from one breast and leaking from the other I hated hated hated that! Also, I would feel so bad when I pumped and knocked over the bottle. Worst of leaking was at 2 months, but it only lasted probably until 4 months. My son is 14 months old, I still happilly BF. I miss the first 6 months and wish I could do it all over again!!

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