Toilet Paper Bonanza

by Joe
(Beaverton, OR, USA)

Adventures in with Toilet Paper!

Adventures in with Toilet Paper!

From the moment my son John turned 5 he couldnt stop playing with the toilet paper dispenser. He would grab on to one end of the toilet paper roll and run through the entire house.

The problem is, my son is now 9 and he still does it from time to time. I’m not sure what his fascination is with the toilet paper.

The other thing he does is he will try to stuff one end of the toilet paper into the toilet and flush the toilet repeatedly. I think he believes that the toilet will suck the entire roll down there.

We have tried many different things to get him to stop. He didn’t respond well to reprimand. He would throw some of the largest temper tantrums that the world has ever seen.

Spankings were the most common way to reprimand him for his bad behavior. The thing is though he would respond by even more bad behavior. That’s right. He would grab the toilet paper and drag it all over the house. I’m hoping that one day he will grow out of this insanity.

The other thing we tried doing is bringing him to counseling. That is really the only thing that helped him. He seemed to get along with the other children there very well too.

The counselers said that they had seen this kind of behavior before and responding with reprimand is the worst thing you can do. Again that is the worst thing you can do. I would highly suggest not doing it.

If I could go back in time I would have done it all differently. I would have tried the counseling first because it would have saved me a lot of headache and heartache.

The counselor did try hypnotism towards the end of the training. I’m not sure if that has bad effects on children but it seemed to help a lot.

John doesn’t run around streaming the toilet paper all over the house anymore. But the thing is, he still does it every once in a while. But in my opinion that is way better than having him do it every single day of the week. This is why couselers are the way to go because they know what they are doing very well.

The good news is we had a little girl and she didn’t learn any of John’s bad habits! No more messy house. No more high toiletry bills.

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I can relate!!
by: Liz

Hi Joe,
I can totally relate to your troubles with toilet paper.

While I was cooking dinner, my daughter (4 years)decided to use an entire roll of toilet paper to wipe herself after going pee-pee.

When the entire mess wouldn't go down, she kept flushing, even after the toilet was overflowing.

The first I knew about it was when water started dripping out of one of the light fixtures in the ceiling onto our brand new entertainment center, interrupting my husband's football game.

We ran upstairs to find our daughter standing in 6 inches of water still flushing merrily away.

It took us hours to get everything mopped up since the water ran out of the master bath and soaked the bedroom and hall carpets.

We had to make an emergency call to a carpet cleaner we know to come suck it all up before everything became mildewy and water damaged.

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