Teachers Make a Difference

by Annie Faith

Teachers Make a Difference

Teachers Make a Difference

I am a teacher – cum – parent. Teachers are said to be second parents in a home away from home atmosphere ie., school, aren’t they? Still, I often reflect Do teachers make a difference?

One day while I was teaching class, as it usually happens, the discussions lead the class into the pleasures and pains of parenting.

My students were very actively involved in the discussion and they were sharing their experiences and stories they read.

I asked them, "How many of you help your mother with chores?". It turns out most were! My next question was how many of them thanked their mother for all the selfless help she gave them.

There was an unusual silence in the class which inspired me to say something more about the selfless sacrifices mothers make for the sake of their children. Their time is fully devoted for their family; but how much time does the family give back?

When she sacrifices an after lunch nap to prepare a favorite snack, how many pay her back with complaints? How kids refuse to wear the dress she chooses with utmost care? How many find fault with the desert she specially baked on their birthday?....

The questions and reminders went on and on and by this time the class was in pin drop silence. I knew I was on the right track and decided to set them on a self analyzing task. Sometimes, after all, education must go outside text and syllabus, right? If we are not giving importance to values, respect and relations, if we forget to teach our children to value them, what kind of education do we give?

After asking many such questions, I asked my class whether they have thanked their mothers at least once. If they haven't, how many of them at least thought about how grateful they were for their mother. Just then, then the bell rang and class was dismissed.

As I was on my way to my next class, I heard a familiar sound calling “madam”, and I turned to see Adhil, a boy from class. I was surprised to see him in tears. “Madam, can you spare me a minute?” “Yes Adhil, tell me, what happened? Any problem? Why are you so upset?” (Adhil of course was a very naughty boy, but very loving and innocent at the same time. So I had enough reason to think he was in trouble.)

“Madam,” in between soft sobs he began, “ I behave in a very bad manner to my mother all the time. When you reminded us of the great sacrifice, love, concern, care and affection of our mothers, I was thinking about me and my mother and how thankless I’ve been to her. Ma’am, I want to thank you for reminding me how thankless I’ve been. I’m so so sorry about what I have been doing and today I promice, I’ll turn a new leaf in my life. Is that okay, ma’am?”

Dear friends, this time it was my turn to stifle a sob. I hugged him and told him it was the best decision and happily he went back to the class.
After a week, during a parent- teacher meeting, a lady came in to meet me with a big smile on her face. It was Adhil’s mother and she had no words to describe the change that small session brought in Adhil.

This I consider as the greatest achievement in my career. The smile which lit up that happy mother’s face, isn’t that the best BEST TEACHER AWARD I can ever receive?!

Teachers Really Do Make a Difference!

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THANK YOU - from the bottom of my heart!
by: Beatrice

Hi Annie,

All I can say is THANK YOU!! ... from the bottom of my heart.

I'm sure you have made a huge difference for many mothers out there who work really hard and have children that take it for granted.

Again, thank you!

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