Belly Ring and Pregnancy

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It is stylish, it is cool, it is sexy- and it showed off a healthy, flat toned tummy. But do you really need to give up on your belly rink when your belly and your belly button begin to bulge with a baby? Definitely not. So long as your belly piercing is healthy and healed, there is absolutely no medical reason why you should remove the jewelry

After all, your belly button and ring marks where you connected to you own mother in the womb, not where your baby is connected to you. This obviously means piecing it won’t provide a pathway for pathogens to reach your baby. However, if it happens that your belly ring piercing hasn’t healed and starts to weep; get inflamed and becomes red, you might consider reducing your chances of infection by taking the jewelry off. It is also important to remember that your immune system is not at I peak when you are Pregnant. 

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Also, when your tummy starts to bulge and your stretched-to-the-limit skins get increasingly tight, you may discover that your belly ring just becomes a little too uncomfortable to wear. This is also true for your favorite pair of jeans.  

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You should watch out for redness around the area of your piecing, which probably signifies that your jewelry is a bit too tight. The belly ring might start to rub- and possibly get caught on your clothing- yeow. That is most especially true if your belly button pops out later on in your pregnancy. Although it can still happen if yours doesn’t. 

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If you decide to take off the rink completely, you can just run your jewelry through the hole every few days to prevent the piercing from closing. You can also consider replacing the ring with one of the newly introduced flexible bar made from Teflon which is used as coating on medical devices like heart valve and nonstick pans. Because of the fact that they are not made not made of rigid metal, these pieces are much more comfortable and they can be remodeled to the size that suits your growing girth. You can always get the hole re-pierced if for any reason it gets closed. 

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