Pooping Babies

by Shannon
(Idaho, USA)

My Baby Pooped on me in Front of EVERYONE!

My Baby Pooped on me in Front of EVERYONE!

It had been less then a week after coming home from the hospital. I was excited and also scared for what to expect. I had a baby girl and I was a mom now. I had no experience on anything with a baby. I was having a difficult time.

My family was throwing a welcoming party for the baby. So I got all dolled up and was dressed to impress. I wanted it to look like I didn't just give birth. So I bought a new outfit and wore high heels. My boyfriend thought I was being ridiculous for buying an expensive outfit. He said the baby would just end up spitting on it.

So we were on our way to my mothers house. Everyone was there my whole family. Everyone couldn't stop wanting to hold the baby as a new mom it made me feel really uncomfortable. Who wants a bunch of people even if it was family all holding your baby. It was just nerve wracking.

I let my mom watch the baby and feed her. I sat down and ate and talk to some cousins and family friends about my natural birth and how I was still traumatized. The baby had to get her diaper changed.

I really dread that part of changing her when it's a number two. My back was still in pain so my mom said to just change her on the coffee table. I was sitting on the floor. I undid the diaper and thank goodness it was just a pee pee diaper. Silly me wanting to show my mom skills was chattering taking my sweet time.

Then in an instant my baby shot out her stool like a water gun. It squirted all over me and my new outfit. Everyone just gasped. I was silent and didn't react. Then everyone just started laughing really loud. I had never been so embarrased in my life. It was so humiliating.

My boyfriend came into the room to see all the commotion. Lucky thing my mom had some of my old clothes at her house. Now my baby is eight months old. Everytime we have a family gathering everyone always brings up when my baby pooped on me.It had been less then a week after coming home ...

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