Natural Birth Story

by Paula

Natural Birth Story

Natural Birth Story

My natural birth story may be somewhat different than others read so far, but I am sharing to offer a different perspective.

My water broke at 7 am at home. By the afternoon I was checked into the hospital having regular painful contractions. The nurses drew my blood as part of their normal routine.

The results of my blood platelet test were such that I was not a candidate for an epidural. I was only dilated to a 3, the contractions were coming hard and fast, and I was in shock.

I had not planned on a 'natural birth.' In fact, I tried to not think about the birth process the entire pregnancy.

I did not attend a childbirth prep class. I did not read any childbirth books. I was completely unprepared because I just planned on doing it the mainstream way.

That was no longer an option.

I was in a real life crash course in natural childbirth.

After a few minutes of majorly freaking out, my husband, the nurses, and my doctor talked me into gaining control. They were telling me that I can do this and I started to believe them.

The contractions came and didn't seem to go. Before one started tapering off the next one came. Pressure points on my knees and hips became my life saver.

I tried all sort of positions from standing to laying, but I found kneeling was the best for me.

When my mind was in the right spot, the contractions felt right. They still hurt, but it was so natural.

When it came time to push, I knew it and nothing felt so good.

It was 8pm when she arrived. When the doctor laid her on my belly, it was such a wonderful feeling, words cannot describe how awesome I felt.

I had a beautiful baby girl and I was now a mother. I did it.

I had her in my arms and all the pain was gone.

I would not in a million years change the outcome of that platelet test. I am so glad that I was forced into having a more open mind about childbirth. I have done it once and I am forever changed.

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