My Birth Story

by Jenna
(Georgia, USA)

My Birth Story - I had a natural birth the first time!

I was 3 days from my due date when my water broke. I had to call my husband to come on home, he had just left for work. He didn’t seem to upset to have to cut his day short.

We got our bags, which I had packed and then repack probably 10 times. We jumped in the car and headed to the hospital. When we got there they everything went pretty smooth, they got us in the back got me all hooked up and left my husband and I to sit.

This is where it gets fun. He kept trying to sleep, I was in pain. There was no way in heck I was going to let him sleep while I sat in pain, so every time he would start to close his eyes I would throw a onesie or a diaper, I even threw a thing of diaper cream at him. He did not find the pelting of baby products as funny as I did but he finally stayed awake, I won.

Things went pretty fast from there I was at around 5 cm at 12 pm and I was starving. I kept begging the nurse for food, she finally caved and brought me to packs of club crackers and a sprite. I was so excited since I hadn’t eaten since 9 the night before.

Now the nurse had warned me that I might get nauseous I figured only wimpy people barfed so I munched my crackers and drank my sprite and with my last sip I felt it.

Why did I have to be a know it all? Barf bags were my best friend for the next hour, my poor husband thought I was dieing.

At about 3 they checked me again and I was about the same, nothing much had changed. The nurse asked me if I had felt like I had to go number two, I looked at her like she was crazy.

This being my 1st child I didn’t know what to expect so all I could think was why would I have to poop at a time like this? 30 minutes after she left I felt it and my husband buzzed the nurse, she got there and I told her the deal and she didn’t believe me.

She thought It was all in my head but she checked me to make me feel better and gosh golly would you know I was 10 cm. She couldn’t believe it. They made me sit for about another hour to let the babies head move down some but at 5pm we were pushing.

The doctor had my husband who was safely hiding behind the iv machine, come hold my leg. The fear in his eyes was priceless. 30 easy minutes later we had a baby. The Nurse kept referring to me as a champ and a wonder women.

A first time mom getting to the hospital at 8am and having a baby at 5:30pm with only 30 minutes of pushing was something to talk about I guess. Everyone kept asking me if this was really my 1st child like I was joking with them.

I was have like “all right I’m awesome” but at the same time I kept worrying that I had some freaky huge vagina.

All in all the day ended on that amusing note and a wonderful beautiful baby girl. To this day all of my friends who had hard labors or emergency c-sections refer to me as a freak of nature, not sure If I should be proud of that name or not.

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