Mother and Best Friend

by Kristi

My Mother and Best Friend

My Mother and Best Friend

Mother and Best Friend - my story is about natural parenting but to tell the world how lucky of a daughter I am. It is also to point out that natural parenting means a whole lot to children.

My Mother is my role model, my idol. She means everything to me. We have cried, laughed, argued and shared the most wonderful things only a mother and daughter can share.

My Mother has taught me very valuable lessons in life.
She taught me to treat people the way I want to be treated. My mother has always been there even when it was my fault and I was in the wrong.

When I was in my late teens everyone told me, "If you don't really like your mom that's normal at that age and that one day you will become best friends," but I wanted us to be the exception.

Yeah, I gave my mom grief on being a rebellious teen but she never gave up on straightening me up and guiding me in the right direction. I probably gave her ulcers, but being a mom, to her it is never to give up or turn her back on her children and she never did.

I am very grateful for her persistence because I matured into a confident, respectful adult because of her tough love and dedication - I turned out pretty good.

Example of a mother and best friend
My mother always stood behind me and when I wanted to quit she always pushed me further. From her persistence and constant love and support I got my G.E.D, got certified in business management all because my mom stood behind me every step of the way.

I consider myself very fortunate to have her in my life especially after being a rebellious teen, most parents I know if I was there child would have disowned me, but not my mother she just never quit and here I am today teaching and loving my son the way my mother did me.

Teachings of a mother and best friend
The things that stick in my mind my mother taught me are: respect your elders, love your mama because she'll always be there to pick up the pieces, blood is thicker than water, and family sticks together.

I hope to pass these morels on to my children and even to those who read this. My mother is my hero and mom, if you read this, I LOVE YOU!! And you'll always be my buddy, pal and friend forever.

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I hope my daughters say the same thing
by: Jennifer

Hi Kristi,

I have two daughters who are 8 years and 10 years old. As they get closer to teenagehood, I get more and more worried about us going thru that funky mother-daugther phase that happens during puberty.

I hope and pray my girls will say the same thing about me and the lessons I have tried to teach them.

I really focus on teaching by example, so hopefully the example I've set all of these years will pay off. It certainally wasn't always easy as I'm a single parent.


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