Mom got angry in kitchen

by Shafeek

When I was four..

When I was four..

When I was four or so,I had a friend that lived next door that was just one year older than me.We were playing in the kitchen and my mother must've stepped out for just one minute,but when she came back,we'd managed to flood the kitchen by pressing the water lever on the refrigerator.That must've been fun to cleanup O_O

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My Brother and I did the SAME thing expect we added SOAP!
by: Anonymous

My poor mom! She went outside to work on the garden and my brother spilt water on the floor. For some reason, we then added liquid soap and turned the entire kitchen into a giant slip and slide.

When my mom did come back in, she was shocked to see us running down the hall at full speed before diving onto the kitchen floor and sliding all the way thru the kitchen and into the family room on a mass of water an bubbles.

She tells us it took a couple years before water dropped on the floor didn't result in bubbles (with no additional soap...)!

I hate to think what my kids will think up! Also, I'm glad she always used natural dish soap and not one of those antibacterial varieties!

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