Exciting New Summer Math and Crafts Class in Sunnyvale

Taught by Ellesse Liu, kids over 5 years old will learn important math, logic and creative skills that will benefit them for life.

Join us Tuesdays from 10 am-12 noon 

Ellesse is known for creating fun classes where kids can learn important skills at their own pace.  Blending the best of Chinese and Western educational methods, Ellesse has created a unique program for the summer where students:

  • Will learn mental math skills (including Abacus)  that will help them focus, improve their accuracy and provide a systemic approach to memorization
  • Accomplish special math projects and puzzles intended to help students think creatively, solve problems and gain a deeper understanding of key math concepts.
  • Create unique objects using special knotting, paper quelling, 3-D paper sculpture and 3-D beading techniques.  …all of which improve hand/eye movements and help students think three dimensionally (See pictures below!)

Class Details

  • Start Date: Tuesday, June 9th
  • Location: 1085 Tasman Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94089 (just off 237 between Lawrence Expressway and Fair Oaks)
  • Number of Classes:  12 consecutive classes (6/9 – 8/25/2015)
  • Day:  Tuesdays
  • Time: 10am-12noon
  • Cost:  $360 for the summer or $120 per month payable ahead of time

To Enroll

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