Lentils and Chicken Soup

by Aleesha Jensen

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Lentils and chicken
Aleesha Jensen

This is a family favorite, especially on chilly or blustery days. When I need comforting and comfort food, this is one of my favorite recipes to turn to. To make it richer, I will often serve it with sour cream.


  • 2 chicken breast or equivalent amount of other cuts. Thigh meat also goes well here.

  • 2 cloves fresh garlic

  • At least a quarter of red onion. You can add more, but I like a balance in everything.

  • At least a cup of Green Lentils. You can add more if you like the ratio to be more lentils than chicken.

  • Bay leaves

  • Cumin(ground)

  • Coriander(toasted and ground)

  • If you have other favorites herb wise, go ahead and use them. I like to have more lentil-chicken flavor in this dish than herbs. I want the lentils and chicken to be the main focus.

  • 1 quart chicken stock(I prefer stock to broth)

  • salt

  • Procedure:
    If you want, you can soak the lentils the night before you plan on using them. Make sure to have more than enough liquid as the lentils will expand. You can add things to the water at this point but I don't find it makes any difference.

    In the morning, you want to wash the lentils and put them in the crock pot. Have the crock pot warming up while you prepare the lentils. Triple the amount of lentils you have and you got the amount of chicken stock you need. Dice the garlic and onion or put it through a food processor cutting it up fine. Add this to the crock pot. Add in the herbs to taste. Add the chicken breasts.

    Let the crock pot go until the lentils are done. On low it will take all day. If put on high, it will be a lot quicker – around 4-6 hours.

    One cup of lentils will double its size to two cups. So this is about enough for two people. Just double to proportions on everything and you get enough for four people.

    If you want you can add other things to change it up. If you like things spicy, add paprika and/or cayenne or another favorite hot pepper. Rice can be cooked in with the lentils but you will have to add the appropriate amount of liquid. Yellow lentils taste only slightly different and have little differences, so it can be substituted. I don't recommend changing out the red onion for yellow or white. Red pearl onions can be substituted for the large bulbs to reduce the amount of prep work. The cloves of garlic don't have to be chopped up if your family likes slow roasted garlic.

    This soup goes well served with sour cream, if desired. It also stores well in the refrigerator. You only need to warm it for a few minutes before eating.

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