Hide & Seek with my Toddler

by Mom

We Love Hide and Seek

We Love Hide and Seek

I'm a mom of two baby girls. We love to play together and I feel very attached to them.

Most of the time I take them out in the park and playground, sometimes they play with their age mates. When it’s raining or snowing, we all play at home only.

When they were younger, we used to play hide & seek . it's so funny to watch little kids play hide & seek! Actually they are such an innocent living being that really everyone would love to live and play with them forever..

They don't even know where to hide and how to, still they try their best, and we the elders have to pretend as if we are unable to find them, even if they are in front of us..

Coming back to my story, My baby was hiding behind the Table and she was shouting loud "Mom find me - where am I?"and I used to say "Oh my God where is my little baby, I cannot find you.." and listening to this they used to come and surprise me saying, "See mom u couldn't find me," laughing like anything. With this game , they used to feel so relaxed and proud on themselves that they are so clever that their mom isn't able find them and THEY ARE THE WINNERS..Hurray.!!!

There are so many ways to play with your toddler and spend your time with them. Our favorites are coloring, cooking food together, bath time, etc.

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