Getting Pregnant With Endometriosis

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Getting pregnant with endometriosis can be a bit harder.  If you have endometriosis, you have probably asked yourself this question: "will my ability to get pregnant be affected by endometriosis?"

The fact is endometriosis does not directly cause infertility, but there is an association with fertility issues, although the cause has not been fully established. Natural conception is still very possible even with severe endometriosis. 

The major factor that affects the fertility of women is her age. This is because a woman is born with her lifetime supply of eggs that undergoes maturation for fertilization. It is for this reason that fertility declines after the age of 38, because of the rate at which egg sacs disappears from the ovaries. This sort of egg sack disappearance accelerates and increases the rate of chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriage. 

Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis - How Severe is It?

Getting pregnant with endometriosis becomes harder as your condition becomes more severe.  As the endometriosis becomes severe, scar tissue becomes common place and the chance of natural conception decreases with it.

Though the cause has not been fully established yet, there is an association between infertility and endometriosis. Minimal to mild sufferers of endometriosis have almost normal chance to conception; however, some sufferers are infertile for other reasons. 

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis is to have your female hormone levels tested.  Often endometriosis can be caused by estrogen dominance, meaning that the estrogen and progesterone balance in your body during your normal monthly cycle has been thrown off and as a result you have too little progesterone.

This problem causes both fertility issues as well as can cause endometriosis in and of itself.  If you get tested, try to find a practitioner that tests you multiple times over a normal cycle.  This is accomplished most easily using saliva testing like Female Hormone Panel that DiagnosTechs Offers.  This may just be the most important thing you can to to protect your health and improve your chances of having a baby.

For moderate to severe endometriosis cases, the chances of natural conception are reduced. This is as a result of the fact that there are more adhesions in the fallopian tube that can trap and stop the egg from moving down.  

Can Drug Improve Treatment Improve Fertility 

Fertility has not be found to improve after drug treatment. However, the removal of adhesions, nodules, and cysts during surgical operation has been found to drastically increase the chances of conception. Some women have found complementary treatment to be helpful, however, there is little scientific evident to support this claim and it varies from individual to individual. 

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Fertility Treatment Options For Endometriosis 

There are a handful of fertility treatment options available for the female folks with endometriosis. The suitability of treatment options depends largely on the woman’s age, the severity of the endometriosis, other fertility factors and how long they have been trying to conceive.  Treatment choice is usually customized on an individual basis by their doctor. 

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Effect of Endometriosis on an Ongoing Pregnancy 

Endometriosis can cause a delay in getting pregnant, however, once you are pregnant, endometriosis has no affect whatsoever on your pregnancy. Your pregnancy is expected to progress as normal. Though there are reports of women who experience more pain in the first few months of their pregnancy. Naturally, pain improves, but may probably return after delivery as period starts.

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