Funny Things Kids Say

by Carolyn
(Lancaster, PA, US)

Will there be another cousin?

Will there be another cousin?

The Funniest Thing My Son Has Done

While my 3 year old son (who is an only child and grandchild) and I were helping my sister in the garden recently, he suddenly asked her, "Do you have a boy?". She said, "Do you mean am I a boy?", and he said, "No, are you going to have babies soon?". She told him to ask her boyfriend, so he trudged to the house, went inside, and asked her boyfriend the big question.

My sister's boyfriend gave a very definite no answer. My son seemed neither relieved nor disappointed. Later, while we were folding clothes together, I asked him why he wanted to know if my sister was going to have babies soon. Without any hesitation whatsoever, he told me “Because I want her baby to grow up and have big strong muscles like me!!!”

So, while he did seem pretty concerned about whether or not my sister would be having babies soon, it's rather apparent that he is accustomed to being an only child and grandchild and doesn't mind keeping it that way; however, if the situation does arise, he wants to make sure that the baby will grow up to be just as strong as he is!

Our Favorite Activities To Do Together

Theo and I enjoy:

  • Digging in the dirt for bugs

  • Planting, watering and harvesting vegetables from our garden

  • Walking to the playground

  • Taking our dog to the dog park and talking to the other dog owners

  • Going to central market downtown to purchase fresh produce and talk with other market goers

  • Picking out new books and doing puzzles at the library

  • Going for walks

  • Visiting family

  • Visiting the free town-run wading pool

We also love reading books together, coloring, making crafts, cooking, and folding clothes, sweeping and vacuuming, watching videos, looking at pictures, cuddling together, and laughing with each other.

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