Family Naturist

by David from BC
(My Response to an Innocent Story)

Family Naturist

Family Naturist

Hello, I'm a Family Naturist.

Here is a story I thought I would share with you:
One time when I was with my family at a clothed holiday resort, there were a couple of families with toddlers down at the lake.

One mother removed her little girl's shirt and pants so she had only her diaper on. After the little girl took some steps in the water, the mother asked her daughter, "Do you want your diaper off?" Next thing I knew, the child was wading in the water without a shred of clothing.

Over the course of about the next ten minutes, all three of the other children among the two families were skinnydipping in the lake.

It was such a peaceful, innocent, scene, those four toddlers totally happy in their bare skin, without a shred of cloth or shame. Even the resort owner, who had a "No Skinnydipping" sign in her office, was looking on in admiration.

I think it's great that you are letting your children enjoy the freedom of innocently being naked and letting them incorporate that into their learning, living and surroundings.

If you are really concerned about people taking undue attention of your naked children, try visiting a family naturist resort. Your children would benefit further by seeing unclothed bodies of all ages, rather than just children.

Your unclothed bodies are all welcomed and everyone is so friendly. Nobody dares to take inappropriate advantage of children there, for anyone who does will stand out from the crowd and will quickly get reported to the police. Parents, other naturists and the organizers are always on the lookout for such creatures.

By the way, I am a naturist; I frequent Wreck Beach, visit naturist clubs and am a member of a nude swim club in Surrey. I actually find swimsuits a tad offensive.

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