EPT Home Pregnancy Test

The EPT home pregnancy test is one of several options available for you to choose from when taking a home pregnancy test.  If you would like to find out whether or not you are pregnant, this brand is one of the most accurate pregnancy tests .  Also known as the Error Proof Test, the E.P.T home pregnancy test is efficient and reliable for detecting early pregnancy. 

There are different types of home pregnancy tests with different functions and capabilities. Some pregnancy test comes in a digital form. Others are capable of reducing the waiting time, while some are capable of detecting conception much earlier than others.  The E.P.T home pregnancy test combines the efficiency of a digital test kit, with the time reducing features of some other brands in the market to create a test that is far ahead of every other one in terms of it early pregnancy detection capability. 

To detect pregnancy in it earliest form, E.P.T is designed to detect the presence of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) in the urine at a very early stage of the pregnancy.  As one of the most sensitive tests currently in the market, it is capable of picking traces of HCG before regular tests can. This gives you the option of knowing your pregnancy status much earlier. 

Despite it efficiency and accuracy, E.P.T home pregnancy tests is one of the cheapest and most affordable brands in the market.  It is also easy to use and interpret even for a complete novice. Further details of the E.P.T home pregnancy test is discussed below. 

How to Use the EPT Home Pregnancy Test

The EPT Home Pregnancy test is quite easy to use. All you are required to do is to read through the instructions carefully before using it in order to completely so you understand how the test works. 

Many women often choose to urinate straight on the permeable tip. Other make use of a cup which they fill with urine and then dip and hold the tip of the test stick in the urine for the stipulated period of time. Unless the instructions say otherwise, the test strip should always be laid flat while you wait for the result.

The strip should never be turned upside down after use as this could potentially affect the result without you realizing it. 

The Reason This Is One Of My Favorite Tests

Instead of having a single line indicating not pregnant and then either two lines or a plus sign to indicate that someone is pregnant (which always makes me second guess whether I"m reading the results correctly) the EPT Test gives you a result of "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" taking away all the worry and guessing!


• Has both digital and standard tests are available 

• Very Accurate 

• Highly Affordable 

• Early Pregnancy Detection Capability 

• Very Sensitive 

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• Has only 50 percent chance when used before missed period 

Most women who use the E.P.T home pregnancy test have expressed satisfaction with the result. It is sensitive enough when it comes to early results, easy to use and the instructions are concise and clear for everybody to understand.

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