Breastfeed with Implants

by Jasmine

Can you breastfeed a baby with breast implants? Next week I have breast enlargement surgery. But I'm afraid that I'm possibly pregnant. Can I do a surgery? Will I be able to breastfeed with them? I read here: that you can, but still....

Hi Jasmine,

Many women can breastfeed with implants but you shouldn't get breast enlargement surgery if you think you may be pregnant.

Your ability to breastfeed with implants is heavily dependent on where your implants are inserted (over or under the muscle) and where they are inserted from (arm pit, under breast, nipple). You can read a complete write-up about how likely it will be that you can breastfeed and how to get started here:

The bigger issue I see in your situation is that no one should have surgery - unless it is an emergency - while they are pregnant. This is because the anesthesia and other medication required with surgery will go to your baby as well as to you. Early in pregnancy, it is really important to avoid any type of chemical exposure. Most likely if your surgeon knew that you suspect you are pregnant, they would insist that you take a pregnancy test and rule out pregnancy before proceeding with the surgery.


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