2 Day LH surge?

by Liz

Normal LH Surge

Normal LH Surge

Hi everyone,

I used an ovulation test kit and got strong positives for Luthanizing Hormone 2 days in a row. What could a 2 day LH surge mean?



Hi Liz,

Don’t worry about getting a LH surge for two days in a row. What it means is that you caught your LH surge on the way up during the first test and on the way back down on the second.

It is perfectly normal to have an LH surge that lasts 24-36 hours. A weak LH surge, not a strong one is more likely to mean you may have trouble getting pregnant. As women get older their LH surge gets shorter and weaker until it doesn’t stimulate the release of a ripened egg any longer.

A couple things to keep in mind when you have a two day LH surge and you are trying to get pregnant. First, it is better to have sex only every other day so that your partners sperm supply has a chance to replenish itself.

Second, you may want to consider measuring your basal body temperature in the mornings. When your temperature rises, you know you have already ovulated. By combining your LH reading from your ovulation testing with your basal body temperature, you will get to know exactly when your window of opportunity for getting pregnant is.

Best luck for getting pregnant! Let me know how you make out!


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