Natural Childbirth Tips

Natural Childbirth Tips to help you achieve a natural birth from women who have done it.

Natural Childbirth


Because childbirth is viewed as a medical condition rather than a natural process in most countries, preparation is essential to having a natural birth.

Anytime you deviate from the norm – in this case we mean standard hospital procedures – you need to be prepared.

Standard hospital procedures are in place for the convenience and protection of the hospital. You need to decide what is in the best interests of our baby.

You wouldn’t attempt a triathalon without some planning and training would you? You need to plan for your birth and train with the same care and attention that you would apply to any big project that is important to you.

Find an OB or midwife that is committed to natural birth. This is one of our most important natural childbirth tips. It is much easier to achieve a natural childbirth if you trust the people providing your medical care. Labor and delivery are vulnerable times for you, so surround yourself with people you trust to support you in having the birth you desire.

Natural Childbirth Tips #1 - Choose your birth location carefully. Many people decide to deliver at a hospital by default. Unfortunately standard hospital procedures are not conducive to a natural birth. There are other options that you should consider like delivering in a birth center or at home childbirth. If you don’t have any other options read women giving birth in a hospital for detailed information on how to set yourself up for success.

Natural Childbirth Tips #2 - Follow a healthy pregnancy diet to ensure you stay low risk. It is very important that you stay low risk if you want to deliver naturally. Pregnancy diabetes caused by improper diet is one of the number one reasons that hospital based midwives have to refer their patients to an obstetrician. This is something that you can easily prevent by following our healthy pregnancy diet diet so that your blood sugar levels stay low.

Natural Childbirth Tips #3 - Practice relaxation every day. You need to train yourself to relax physically, emotionally and mentally. If you practice relaxation every day during your pregnancy, it will come naturally when you are laboring. In addition, stress is the number one cause of premature birth. Daily relaxation practice will help you keep your stress levels low.

Natural Childbirth Tips #4 - Practice your pregnancy exercises every day. There are a few important pregnancy exercises that you should perform to ensure you are good shape for your birth. We know you are busy, so we have identified a super effective program for pregnant women. Read more about pregnancy exercises.

Natural Childbirth Tips #5 - Take a Childbirth Class. Statistics prove that couples taking Bradley Birthing classes have an 87% chance of having a natural birth. Classes are in-depth, provide you the information you need and ensure you are practicing throughout your pregnancy. If you absolutely can't take an in-person childbirth class, at least take one online. Our favorite online childbirth class.

Natural Childbirth Tips #6 - Create a strong Birth Plan. A comprehensive birth plan that documents your wishes is the best way to communicate with everyone involved with your birth. It should include sections that detail your wishes for Labor, Delivery and newborn care. It should also include a section that covers unexpected situations like emergency cesarean surgery so that you can make the best of an undesirable scenario. For more information including a birth plan template.

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Natural Childbirth Tips for Labor

Stay home for as long as possible. The minute you arrive at the hospital the timer starts. Hospitals don’t want you to stay in their labor and delivery rooms for too long.

The longer you are in the hospital, the more pressure they will put on you to accept interventions.

At the same time they will be undermining your confidence in your ability to deliver naturally by saying things like, “Honey, you are going to wear yourself out if you continue like this. Let us give you a little something to speed things up.”

Be sure you are in Active Labor before you leave for the hospital. For more information about how you should feel and how you can tell if you are in active labor read Stages of Labor and Delivery.

While you are at home you will be most comfortable. It is the best location for you to assume positions that support your body. For example, most of us are much more comfortable laboring on the toilet in our own home than we are on a toilet at the hospital where we have no idea whose germs may have been left behind.

Find out what the “standard procedures” are where you plan to deliver by asking lots of questions.

You will need to ensure you birth plan expresses your wishes and that you have discussed your preferences with your obstetrician or midwife ahead of time.

One of the benefits of choosing a midwife for your care is that this often sends the message that you don’t want any interventions to the labor and delivery staff without you having to say anything. Your midwife can also ensure you are assisted by the labor and delivery nurses that are most open or experienced with natural childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Class

Natural Childbirth Tips for Delivery

Delivery is a busy time when many things happen all at once. You need to talk to doctor or midwife ahead of time about your preferences.

Things to think about include:

  • Your feelings about routine episiotomy.
  • How you husband wants to be involved – does he want to catch the baby?
  • Who will cut the cord and when should it be cut?
  • What positions will you be allowed to deliver in? Will you be encouraged or at least allowed to assume positions like squatting if your baby is having trouble coming out or hands and knees if your baby is “sunny-side up”?
  • Will you be allowed to have your baby on your chest skin-to-skin immediately after childbirth for at least 45 minutes so that he/she can bond with you and nurse? Studies show the time immediately following birth are very important for bonding and breastfeeding.

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